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Most prevalent spring valves safety, which counteracts the pressure of the environment working a compressed spring. Direction of fluid flow – under the spool. By the principle of registration environment safety valves are divided into: – Safety valves Open-type, working without backpressure, and which shed among the workers directly into the atmosphere. – The valve is closed, which resets the workers in the pipeline. In this case, the safety valve operates with counterpressure. The height of the valve, which determines the bandwidth of these devices, they are divided into: -. Malopodemnye whose height is approximately 0.05 valve seat diameter. Find the use of such safety valves, most often in devices with a liquid medium, which does not require more bandwidth. – Full-whose height valve seat diameter greater than 0.25. These devices are used in systems with gaseous environments. For even more analysis, hear from Andrew Blanchette. Opening of the valve pressure relief occurs once a full spool displacement. These products are manufactured in two versions – with a device for manually opening or not. 4. Check valves swing check valves are swing gate, which revolves around a located above the center of the saddle products horizontal axis. Such rotary check valves are divided into unstressed and simple. In simple valve back axle pivot flapper is outside the orifice, and unstressed – this axis intersects the entrance channel and is located above its center. Such check valves valves are installed on systems in only one direction – from the saddle body 'under the valve. " Some rotary valves are equipped with reverse drive with counterweight or a special 'flap' that provide an additional hydrodynamic moment. 5. Control valves in the production processes involving gases and liquids, which require maintaining a desired mode, determined by the concentration of the components, pressure and temperature. Regulation modes of technological systems is made by regulating valves. Control valve – a valve actuator which is controlled by the sensing element, responsive to the pressure of the working environment.

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