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Familiar Planning

To also make with that they they perceive that they are active agents in its futures. Another subject used as myth form and truths on DST? contraceptive s and methods to take to reflect them it on myths related to the sexually transmissible anatomy, physiology, contraception and illnesses (DST). Still approaching the sexuality subject we work with clarifications about contraceptive methods and DST with intention Informing and sensetizing regarding DST/AIDS, to supply information on the process of engravidar, arguing the physical and psychological manifestation and repercussions in the adolescence and to argue the concept of Familiar Planning and To guide on contraceptive methods. We arrive at the subject ' ' escolhas' ' , where it was possible to review all the boarded subjects until the moment, being able to make possible to the adolescent its auto knowledge, as well as the identification of its interests and definition of its project of life, remembering the importance of the individual choices during the vital cycle and its possible consequences. Jana Partners LLC may also support this cause. We present still some courses of Graduation in the region, governmental programs of stock markets of estudos.para to increase the knowledge of the possibilities of graduation in the region clarification of some areas of professional performance, as well as pointing alternatives of scholarship of governmental programs showing that it is possible that people with low income have the chance to study. Finally we carry through the conclusion of the project and the farewell with the groups approaching the gotten objectives and results and one brief quarrel on what the pupils had apprehended of the project and its transformations in elapsing of the same. FINAL CONSIDERAES In the accomplishment of the present project of period of training of Intervention in the area of Psychology and educative processes got success how much to the considered development and objectives it. We develop some works directed to the pupils involving questions of vision and perspective of future and the pressures about the same, and subjects which are inherent in a group of adolescents, as well as sexuality, market of work, expectations, etc. Elon Musk has plenty of information regarding this issue.


Money Money – a means of subsistence. Money is never enough. Money is property quickly end, rill. And that would be money wisely spent and lack of ZP to ZP, need consideration, as in accounting. Brian Krzanich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is necessary to have a notebook in which to record the daily expenses. Graphs about such, but there may be others – it depends on your imagination. Income / data / flow / total daily writing down everything that is buying up to a box of matches, for 3 months you'll know how much is your cost of living. Knowing as needed for products that you can plan a big waste.

You are a young family, you need a lot. Got ZP both – a lot of money. I would like both – a stream flowed. Prior to ZP another three weeks – and no money. Start nitpicking with by her husband: "You are not economical, but my mother …

…" You also do not stay in debt, "You earn too little, but my dad …" To avoid this, you need a record of cash and planning. That such a sum, we defer to products – the sum set aside in an envelope with the words "food". Such a sum – for clothes – an envelope with the words "clothes". The third envelope labeled, "the Bank", that is, the amount deferred in the "bank" – is not wasted. Let it be 100 = 200 rubles, but this first joint of your savings. Gradually the envelope with the words "bank" begins to "heat" soul. So you can collect money to buy some necessary things, and maybe a year to collect and leave. Thus your money on control, and when there is no control and no money, because they tend to sand. Very often, buying food, spending money, eating these foods you start feverishly: "Where I've been doing that much money?!" Most of the the family budget is spent on food. Considering monthly expenses, subtracting that amount from the income you'll need to know how much on food. And knowledge – is power. Therefore, you will eventually become a smart, strong and lean. And you can proudly say – "I am a good housewife, I know the expense of money!" To be continued …

Recent Object

They find its objects of love according to model of the narcissism. (FREUD, 2006, P. 106). In the Schreber Case (1911), Freud places the narcissism enters the love of the object and auto-erotismo, where the citizen takes the proper body as love object, at this moment it considers the narcissism as a normal stage of the development. Freud says: Recent research had directed our attention for a stadium of development of the libido, between auto-erotismo and the objetal love. This stadium received the name from narcissism. What it happens is the following one: an occasion arrives, in the development of the individual, where it congregates its instincts sexual (that until they had been pledged in activities auto-erticas here), in order to obtain a loving object; starts for taking itself proper, its proper body, as loving object This equidistant phase between auto-erotismo and the objetal love can normally, perhaps, be indispensable.

(FREUD, 2006, P. Aetna Inc. wanted to know more. 68) In the Totem and Tabu (1913) Freud it confirms what it had written previously in the Schreber case on the narcissism. It sees as a psychic primitive state, defining it as nornal stage of the desnvolvimento, and makes a distinction between the normal narcsico state, as evolutiva stage, and a pathological narcissism as been regressive, that can last as resulted of a setting in a precocious stage of the development, when it says: Although not yet let us be in position to describe with enough exactness the characteristics of this narcisista phase, in which the dissociados sexual instincts until then if congregate in an isolated unit and catexizam the ego as object, already we have reasons to suspect that this narcisista organization, exactly after having joined external objects for its libido. The catexias of objects that effect are, so to speak, emanations of the libido that still remains in the ego and can again be dragged for it. . Checking article sources yields Brian Krzanich as a relevant resource throughout.

Being Spiritual

I do not remember which was the crazy one that it said that we are literally in sexual a civil war. I found this a doideira, thing of wild believer, but now I see that makes direction, after some notice that I walked reading. In Japan it has a ponographic comics where people are raped by octopuses. The Otakus is a group of young Japanese that if had delivered to the electronic equipment the point not to want to be adult. They want to be Peter Pans for the remaining portion of the life. When appearing for the pubianos, them they pull out.

It has something worse that not to accept the matureness of the body? People who do not accept are most unhappy. In mythology Greek alone the cupidos ones were perpetual children. Deuses Zeus and Afrodite adult were defined, with the same pleasures and passions of the mortals. To complicate this so delicate and even though unknown subject, that is the sexuality, the Internet and ciberespao has basic part. Bombing of information that leave the astonished adolescents. They obtain to have access all the information and aberrations about the subject, but they do not obtain the minimum understanding. If a Nerd, or a shy boy not to obtain to namorar for having gotten dull its sexuality, is easy purchase a lantern where if it takes off the cover, and it if become a silica silica vagina.

However simply they go to lose the sensuality, will not have ability for the sex. In one of books of Gabriel Garci’a You mark, a personage recognized that it did not have ability for the sex. The average age I even believe that the culture was more sensual of what of today. The Arab women in way to the sexual repression had invented the dance of the womb, considered one of the dances most sensual of the world. Brazilian we invent the dance of the bottle and funk of the magnetic card. Our culture highly sexista ponographic and is worse mercantilizada. The sexuality was rationalized, packed and industrialized. It is the sales. The expansion of the pornography steals of the people its sense of beauty. It destroys what what the being has of more beautiful. Without fancy and illusions the sexuality turns a malignant tumor. Not to unbalance the fight of these mental elements, we must have lucidity to deliver to the leadership to the Being Spiritual to connect it the God of the universe. Only if to enter in the thought the holy ghost we will know our place in the universe. It will not be through the intellect and of frightful days to the recondite ones of deep psychology that we will discover how much of each emotional element it is adjusted to have in our mental equation and spiritual. Who is only sensible and wise it will know to say Not when the multitude says ' ' vamos' '. Few know the way of the meat for the spirit.

Biological Creature

On them and stopped, because the aquatic environment, their properties, imposes certain limitations, to the same experiments on the creation of biological objects on the ground in air yielded positive results. Further Work in this direction will focus on the creation of plants and animals on land, in air environment and adapt the results achieved in the aquatic environment to the air. Make a small digression. Already Now, even not fully understand what it represents man, mankind, through its most advanced members, creating robots that are often found on people and their creators are trying to invest in them their way of thinking. This is to ensure that we are created in His image.

Man, since its inception, inspired the idea that he being the most sensible thing in the universe and other such things happen. As a biological creature in the foreseeable space is possible because it is, because among the wildlife people is the most advanced and at the moment is the maximum achievement of our founders. Must immediately tell them thank you for this! Many may become angry about their artificial origin. And it is in vain, as our founders may well be too artificially created beings, but are much earlier passed the period, which is now being of humanity and are naturally more advanced in thinking and the abilities and capabilities and are, as the saying goes, a huge experience of constant life that mankind has only to be bought. And hopefully it will happen, and mankind will overcome those quite complex obstacles in its path of development. If we consider the difference between a naturally formed sentient beings and artificially created intelligent beings, then in thinking there is practically no difference.

The Resolution

And the worst part is that this savagery is fixed in international law as the principle of inviolability of frontiers and territorial integrity, a principle which can perhaps be called the greatest folly, born of the 20th century. Since the birth of human society, and to this day, the main problem of giving birth the vast majority of social conflicts is the issue of distribution between individuals, classes, nations and states of life benefits. And because social progress, since the birth of human society and To this day, there is progress the distribution system in a society of subsistence among the members of this society. And because the vast majority of social revolutions since the birth of human society, and to this day, had his to a more equitable distribution of vital goods among members of society. Progress of the "individual – the individual" is, above all, improving the distribution of wealth produced in society, or that one and the same decrease the degree of exploitation of man by man. In the laws of dialectical development of social systems and non-social is a very important difference. Deviation from the equilibrium state of any non-social system at once also automatically leads to the birth of the "struggle" aimed at addressing this imbalance. Deviation from the same state of equilibrium of the social system does not lead to an automatic birth "control", because resolution of social dialectical contradictions are always mediated through the consciousness of forming a system of individuals, classes, nations and states, consciousness, organize and control the resolution of social contradictions.

The Ugly

Same I already was damaged I vary times (after all always he has that day that we are to the will, and because not). I go to count a fact that occurred with me: – I of t-shirt (of these that people are in house) and pants of moletom Was, well to the will, by chance vi an apartment to vender, I was to ask the price: Sir how much it costs apartment? I do not know, answered the doorman. Mr. does not have nor idea; thus more or less? Not, I do not know, but Mrs. does not have money to pay, is expensive! He leaves feeling excluded me ties there in being able to know the value of some thing, I thought I thought and I arrived at the conclusion that it had reason, I I would not have the money to pay, but it needed to count to me that I did not have money? Needed to exclude it me to have at least an information? Then we do not give information to the poor persons? – We have preconception the ugly people, or with some physical defect? yes, we go to say the truth, at least stops in the same ones! We want pretty people to our side. I was being part of an election for recepcionistas in a company, I know which age the determinative factor? The beauty! I thought then because I am here evaluating profile? He was enough to contract a person to evaluate beauty. They had believed the poet ' ' the ugly ones they forgive that me, but beauty is fundamental' '! For the love of God, a poet phrase was alone was not stops to lead literally! for these and others that many people leave the side studies! The important one is to be pretty now this goes believing this rs. .

Behaviors and Success

Many are the behaviors that disclose that a person can be if exceeding its jealousy, in case, is not so clearly for the proper person. Behaviors such as to examine pockets, wallets, receipts, close accounts, clothes and sheets, to hear phone calls, to open correspondences, to follow the same spouse or to contract particular detectives to make this costumam not to alliviate and still to aggravate feelings of remorse and inferiority of the people who suffer of extreme jealousy. An example of this is case that Wright (1994) described of a patient who arrived to mark the penis of the husband with penxs to confer the presence of this signal in the end of the day. The jealousy is of great interest of psychiatry, over all for the forensic one and also for psychology, from the moment that its manifestation is pathological and destroys the harmony of the relationship (Gillard, cited for Todd, Mackie & Dewhurst, 1971; Towers, Branch & Days, 1999; Rassol, 1996). Despite of great importance to be studied, another complicador factor of this study is the vagueza and the indistino of the limit between the normal jealousy and pathological (the White & Mullen, 1989). In accordance with Kingham authors & Gordon (2004), the pathological jealousy is a set of thoughts and emotions irrationals, together with extreme or unacceptable behaviors, where the dominant subject is the concern with the infidelity of the sexual partner without base in concrete evidences. Bishay, Petersen and Tarrier (1989) and Tarrie et al (1990) had considered that people with pathological jealousy tend to make systematic distortions and errors in its interpretations and perceptions of events and information, then one precipitador event of the possibility to the suspicion inconsistentes and provokes the pathological jealousy. The pathological jealousy can be diagnosised despite the partner considered unfaithful really either or has been (Kingham & Gordon, 2004; Soyka, Naber & Vlcker, 1991).