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Currently in the scientific literature adequately addressed the issues of logistic approach to the practice of economic relations of transport enterprises. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Kim. Fairly complete analysis of the definitions of "logistics" given in Hadjinsky AM, Uvarov, SA Sergeeva, VI National Council of Logistics Management defines the term United States: "The planning, management, control, effective (in terms of cost reduction) flow of supplies of raw materials, WIP, finished goods, services and related information from the site of this stream to the point of consumption for the full satisfaction consumers ". LB Mirotin elaborates on this notion: "Logistics – the science of economic management, planning and controlling the effective flow of material and human resources, financial resources and relevant information from their place of origin to their total consumption in order to best meet the needs of market entities. " In many works of scientists, in particular Bilibino NF Dovetova M.Sh. Khrutsky EA and others, some provisions are not called in the past, logistics, were the essence. Specificity of public transport is that it reflects the relationship of flows of material and human resources. Transportation logistics involves the possibility of providing logistics services (services) to the consumer of the material flow. Logistics of public transportation is inextricably linked with the process of reproduction and a range of transport services to passengers. In Russia there is a need in the complex elaboration of the problems of passenger transportation and logistics management system development ATG. This system will save a single infrastructure and takes advantage of ATG competition between carriers of different forms of ownership. Logistics management implements the optimization of the route network, will allow contradictions between the objectives of carriers and passengers, between enterprises of different ownership forms, serving a market. Thus, the use of logistics in the transport contributes to the creation of competitive benefits of transport companies in the transport market and provide a more complete satisfaction of public demand for transport services.

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