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10 most critical problems the inexperienced tempter ( 1) 1.Strah approach. The girls with whom you have not met due to the fact that the approach can not be frightened by any calculation. This is normal and there are several ways deal with it – as efficient and inefficient … 2.Shablonnost thinking and reliance on stereotypes. As a child, tell us a lot of what for us is absolutely useless, and in addition, and retarding our development. Successful seducer is unpredictable and unusual patterns and stereotypes should be sent to hell. 3.Neuvazhenie to the person. A distinctive feature of many seducers. This problem mainly arises from the unwillingness to invest in themselves, money to spend on yourself. This applies to the appearance and lifestyle, and level of need. The successful seducer is a man who is developing with each passing day it becomes more successful, not only benefited from the fact that it already has. 4.Neadekvatnaya assessment of his personality in the modern world. Pikaper often do not realize where he is now, where and to what it is. Very often the movement and progress become chaotic dynamics. nvestors has similar goals. K side effects of this problem include the so-called "kickbacks" passed after the training. 5.Len This is a global and fundamental problem. Before us there are many barriers and obstacles, but sometimes (and for many very often), yourself a simple question, "And on the hee * and I actually need it?" we kill the great opportunities for self-development. 6.Nizkaya self We are all unique, all of us have talents, perspectives and shirochayschie opportunities for development.

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