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Saransk – a city rich in history. During his long life he was a fortress, defended Russia against raids from the south, was a major trading center, was the stronghold of the Cossacks from the detachment of Pugachev. Naturally, such a rich history has left its mark on the appearance of this capital city. Thus, one of the city's main monument is "Monument of Mordovia, who fell during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 years. This is not surprising, because in Saransk difficult war years was not only a reliable rear (in the city was evacuated for more than 40 hospitals from all over the Soviet Union) but also posted on the front of thousands of its citizens. No less famous is and the "Monument to the heroes-stratosphere" erected on the forecourt January 30, 1963. Based on the composition of the monument – the figure of a young man in flowing robes, mounted on a cylindrical pedestal. On a special plate embossed portraits, bas-reliefs of the three stratosphere, who died in this place: Paul , Andrew Ilya Usyskin. Separate place among the historic monuments of Saransk is a complex Pugachevsky places. " It was here, in 1774 year Yemelyan Pugachev was reading his "imperial manifestos. It took him a feast, and here he executed his enemies. Mordovians quite a long time remained a pagan, so the construction of the first church began in Saransk only in the xvii century. The main shrine is Saransk Three Saints Church, whose construction was completed in 1767. Among the churches built in the past 15 years, it is worth noting the Cathedral of the Holy Righteous Warrior Fyodor Ushakov opened on August 5, 2006. It is the largest of the temples of Saransk and Mordovia whole. Of course, we are not lit all the architectural and historical monuments of Mordovia. Enumerating all of them will take quite some time. We are only told about those who belong to an informal excursion program, which operates many of the tourists who arrived in Mordovia.

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