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According to some views, the failure does not exist. Because a person fails only if you stop trying to win. This idea is suggestive but not very reasonable. Human behavior always consists of attempts. And behind every attempt is either a success or a failure. That is perfectly clear. No attempt is without consequences. When you try to earn some money: either you get it or fail. When you try to convince someone of your point of view: either you succeed or not. So it is with all things. It makes little sense to deny the consequences of our actions. We forget also that it is crucial to recognize clear whether the action was successful or not. Do not walk with ambiguities. For the conduct to be followed after the attempt depends on whether it was a hit or a mistake. Tenersele should not fear failure because they are part and parcel of everything we undertake. If we have a fiasco it must be said clearly. If not, there is no way to do something to amend the error. After all, if we refuse to have failed why should to learn or do something different? So say yes to the failures, they are telling us where not for the win. And, therefore, show us where we can find it. No failures are a sad or disappointed that we hide in shame. On the contrary, is the measure of how much difficulty faced by our projects. And that will also measure how much credit when they represent the successful outcomes. Failures do nothing to speed up the win. Because you learn a lot more of them than of success. One may even have hit by accident and not notice anything. But if it fails, auque is also by chance, always takes time to analyze the causes. And that’s why sometimes made important discoveries that catapult their actions to victory. Never miss the opportunity to fail. When you fail acknowledge that you have. And start learning from your mistakes, do not ignore nor dissemble. Because you may not have as good a time to realize vital details. But above all, advantage of the opportunities it gives you failure. Any plan brings with it new opportunities frustrated. Find them and use them to turn your setbacks into victories.

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The title for this article was taken from a great book: "The poor man," written by Jose Ingenieros. I imagine that you have read this book, if not, I invite you to do it for you to enjoy a profound and inspiring reading. Although the author mentioned above I do not share a couple of concepts, I feel particularly comfortable reading a book of this caliber. No doubt, as he so ably points out, the society moves towards the path that is forging the genius, virtue, ideals, a few men in every age. But I want to clarify that in writing that I feel "comfortable" do not write in the sense of staying on their hands, because of course there are many times when I felt how my lack of vision, work and discipline, have influenced some around me, limiting, since the best way we can help others discover their abilities, help them shine with their own light, is shining ourselves without fear of feeling inadequate because they are different, perhaps because our own ideals can ignite the flame of the ideals on those around us. Will we be of the "few"? However, even sad, we need to recognize the reality that they are "few" who truly want, want, yearn to live a life that inspires. It is not necessary to seek to influence the masses, and sometimes the wife, child, close friend or girlfriend (when we are young) are all over the world where we need to make our mark, our legacy, a legacy consisting of a character directed by principles and the dreams that we strive to live each day of our lives, because, after all is said and done, what is a man or a woman if you can not live an ideal, just one? Unfortunately, the global society in which we develop, although much talk about quality, and making major strides in creating new technologies, seems to have forgotten that what we have today was born as the impossible for someone like crazy a man or a woman who refused to be crowded and, at all costs, wanted do something different, something that did not even know if it would work, but that work would be a giant leap for mankind. .

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