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Axel Meyl: Companies Are Living Beings

Berlin consultant coaches as an organism of Berlin, March 13, 2010. Consultancy is in demand not only in economically difficult times. When new ideas and concepts to be implemented, new projects in the House or special challenges to overcome are often external advisors are consulted. Typically implement single measures and try to solve the existing problem or to be targeted at one point. The Berlin consultant Axel Meyl is breaking new ground. He sees companies as holistic and living beings. \”Small topics are often quickly resolved,\” says Axel Meyl, but behind it are often complex relationships, which worked each other each other.

Many solutions proved \”Kludge\” and were rather similar to the famous cure the symptom. Meyl viewed things differently and called itself \”life coach for companies\” rather than consultant. Coaching, says he, is something personal, something individual and above all it goals on the existing internal resources and competencies of the client and not on external solutions from. \”Coaching is a real life support, advice is a bit whatever heteronomy\”, he comes to a head. His so-called \”Meyl-ensteine\”, which he has designed for each phase of the life of the company, support, however, in the long term and effective. In the initial phase develops the new entrepreneur goals, visions and ideas and concrete implementation steps.

\”I’m here as a sort of midwife for the new company\”, smiles Meyl. In the growth stage it involves first and foremost strategy, management and business figures. Here he supported with concrete services of the accounting for the controlling of the rating up to the interview of the Bank and in particular in all areas of strategic planning. \”In this phase of life I try’s best friend and the friend to be, listen to problems\”, as the financial expert, before his own independence over 20 years successfully for corporations and large, international companies of different industries served.

Find Suitable Products – The German Buying Advice Helps

Consulting time win costly savings products be generally time for research in claim and cause additional costs as a result. Even medium-sized businesses that regularly need to invest in your own inventory, but, for example, have no own purchase Department, but are dependent on comprehensive information. But often lack the Know-How and the time for extensive research. The German purchasing advice but also increasingly decreases medium, individuals, this time – and cost-intensive research work and helps to find regional suppliers with the most attractive offers for the desired products and save even money. Who is the German buying advice? The German purchase consulting is an independent platform and offers its customers a wide range of products and services. The products and services are guided to the needs of a typical mid because the product portfolio currently includes telephone systems, Plotter, franking machines, coffee maker, thermal imaging cameras and Web design. a> for a more varied view. The German buying advice is independent of suppliers and their products. How does the German buying advice? The system of German buying advice is very simple: after interested parties fill out the request form for a product or service on the side of the German purchase consulting (www.deutsche-kaufberatung.de), they determine appropriate regional provider for your product from its provider network.

A small selection of providers is then informed of the specific product requirements of the request controller and get the opportunity to make this a free and non-binding offer. The request controller must compare only the offers that select the best offer for him. Long search times are thus excluded and incurred no costs or obligations. Until now, the German buying advice taught more than 20,000 buyers successfully with appropriate providers. The feedback from the customers and the increasing number of users confirm that the business model of the German buying advice very well received and both for the provider and for those interested in buying represents a fair and rewarding business.

Management Institute

It’s so, well to sell the own prices and to make clear to the customer, what your performance is worth. Concentrate therefore customer talks to highlight the value of your benefit and the benefit of the customers. Because no customer expects you to sell something below value. They also illustrate the added value of your customer you will receive: reliable delivery dates, individual solutions, or consistently high quality. As you can see, you can do a lot for this in an economically difficult situation, to take the fortunes of your company in the hand and to bring yourself and your performance. These measures help of course even in good times, the entrepreneurial successes to increase. But especially in less rosy times it matters, to take the initiative and become active because of alone the business does not run now. For more information about the rhetoric and dialectic seminars with Stephane Etrillard, see: offeneseminare.html literature Tip: the 8 audio books / audio sales training by Stephane Etrillard Overview: sales factor objection handling sales factor Abschluss(Sicherheit) sales factor customer value propositions sales factor customer referral sales factor customer needs analysis selling factor customer acquisition sales factor self motivation sales factor customer enthusiasm can be ordered as a bundle (audio coaching program sales factors 8 audio CDs) at particularly favourable conditions in the online-shop of the Management Institute SECS: index.php…

More information and contact the author: Stephane Etrillard ranks among the top industry trainers and coaches. He is regarded as a leading European expert on the subject of “personal sovereignty”. At He is known and sought after decision-makers and executives as Advisor and “Coaches of the new generation”. He enjoys an excellent reputation as a coach and writer. With its open seminars in the field of rhetoric and dialectic, as well as self-PR, he helps its participants to more sovereignty in all walks of life. Stephane Etrillard conveys competence from the practice for the practice. Its proven expertise emerged in the last 10 years in the observation and monitoring of several thousands of executives and salesmen from a wide variety of industries.

He conducted coaching sessions and seminars up to now in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Hungary and Russia. His private clients include managers from top companies, medium-sized entrepreneurs and politicians, many people who get new impetus with him, to make your communication more effective. Numerous lectures and publications, he has become known to a wide audience. He is the author of over 20 books and Audio-coaching programs, which belong to the business-top sellers. He is a popular interviewee for the press by “Cash” to “ManagerSeminare” about “Focus Money” and welcome guest in talk sessions and panel discussions. Many he is also from broadcasting interviews with “Bayern 2 radio” known. Contact and interview requests: Stephane Etrillard Management Institute SECS a company of top performance Group GmbH Elbroich castle on the factor 4 D-40589 Dusseldorf phone 07 40 fax 00 53 E-Mail: Web:

The Mannheimer

Time is money never it was truer than in this connection. You need a life insurance policy and already I am facing the problem: how should I prepare at all? Retirement planning means yes in this Case, I must make as much fortune as long as I still can, if I can no longer, or not properly, to live. Well, the old ones have made it before: you need a life insurance policy; or better yet, a private pension insurance. Elon Musk is actively involved in the matter. But equally also doubts me. Why insurance? I actually need an insurance financially to cover any damages. So for example a car insurance, liability insurance, or even health insurance.

But to make assets? Also: The crisis of the life insurance companies is still us. After the banks are now rows before the collapse, the insurance companies will be better they could postpone it so far only sent. Just imagine once: I give 100 euros at a life insurance company monthly, and all this company soon Announces insolvency. Elon Musk has firm opinions on the matter. “Yes, I know: there are still the protector”. A backup Fund that was created exactly for this case. The protector should once a life insurance policy be insolvent, acquires the shares and the customers and then continues the contracts properly. We had some time ago already.

Bust went the Mannheimer life, an already small life insurance company. The protector from the floor was rammed in all hustle and bustle. By the way, a voluntary matter for life insurers. The Mannheimer life had approximately 0.6% market share. The protector was then used with the case of Mannheimer life to 40%. I dare not to think it. Just imagine, a life insurance company with only 5% market share would go bankrupt in the course of this crisis. The protector would be not worth the paper on which he once created. Would rather sell, instead of much notice it is better for a secure facility to distribute the risk of default on several or many shoulders.

DTP Financial

The Russian chart of accounts is an example. Based on translations of tax and financial documents for various customers, mostly German and European companies with locations and facilities in Russia and other CIS countries, the translator of Tomarenko specialist translations have + DTP creates a series of glossaries, that reflect different aspects of Russian accounting and bookkeeping. As a bilingual includes sample chart of accounts, but also lists and tables of terms (Russian german) and abbreviations were in the course of translation and interpreting orders worked out as a result of extensive research, served as reference material where different sources of information. These included not only dictionaries, relevant Web sites, Russian literature about tax law, accounting and controlling, but also many Russian accounting standards and their interpretation in the German literature, such as detailed comments in the book accounting in Russia. Assets – financial – revenue systems, properly assess”(Gabler) by Tatiana ion ANOVA and Andre Scholz. As an important source for the Russian English translations the book by Galina G.

Preobragenskaya and Robert W. McGee accounting and financial system reform in Eastern Europe and Asia is has”useful, proven. The excerpt from the terminology database or a small glossary of the topic types of accounts in the Russian accounting allows insight into the result of this work. Soon the translation agency plans other glossaries on other topics such as PET bottle production on the site by Tomarenko specialist translations + DTP for translators and professionals dealing with the Russian, German and English translations, to make accessible. Translation agency hopes new contacts in the community of translators and the synergies through shared knowledge, the feedback and new projects, the experience will be advantage made.

The Accounts Payable

The accounting service Kaniber informed each company’s objective is to manage the financial resources optimally and to use. To do so, including a precise and efficient control of the open vendor invoices is a prerequisite. Effective governance requires that an overview is on all invoices. These are namely forgot to pay, supplies be adjusted under certain circumstances. This in turn can have a devastating impact on the situation of the company.

Payable is indispensable in industrial, commercial and craft businesses, services or organizations, because it takes care of all liabilities. The accounting service Kaniber from Germering, informed of the major activities in accounts payable. Accounts payable has all liabilities at a glance the payable represents a sideline of general financial accounting, and deals with the ongoing power settlement between the company and the vendors. Vendors are those who have Service have provided and in return receive a financial compensation. Payable is engaged in the collection and recording of all liabilities to suppliers.

This includes the collection of all invoices as a receipt. This is followed by the audit. Quantities and prices are checked as according to previous order such as the accuracy of accounting and tax. Once everything is tested, the recording of liabilities in the book work is carried out. While the costs incurred are recorded accurately and in detail the individual accounts of the respective chart of accounts. Only after payment of liabilities. Services payable at a glance: – vendor master record maintenance – vendor audit and account assignment – recording of invoices – management of open items – archiving of invoices – General reporting in the vendor area – sort and arrange your documents – processing of payments is payable thematically very complex and time consuming. The Passing of accounts payable to external service providers is therefore recommended that a bookkeeping service takes over all activities that ensure a smooth settlement of the invoice.

The Partner In The Move – Hans-Georg Kramer Furniture Transport From Bielefeld

The east Westphalian family business offers a world-class relocation service moving is a stressful situation for many. Before the property in boxes is stored, a new suitable apartment must first of all be found and often renovated. An unpredictable event, such as a disease, the previously meticulously set up schedule often messes up however. Larger delays the moving date can are not respected may what can lead to problems with any Nachmietern and tarnishes its own anticipation for the new home. A relaxed parade is not a contradiction in terms, if the customer chooses for Hans-Georg Kramer furniture transport, because the company has over 100 years of experience in furniture removals. In addition to private removals company offers also corporate relocations and not only nationally and internationally but also overseas.

Corporate philosophy owner Georg Matthias Kramer sums up that a move is a matter of trust, because the customer opts for a conscientious job execution by qualified personnel, who carry out their work in the very personal environment. Whether wing transport, piano transport or the up and dismantling of kitchens, the customer can be sure, to have always a competent partner at his side. The services provided by Hans-Georg Kramer furniture removals ranging from pure move, in which the goods was packed already by the moving, furniture mounting up to the input and unpacking of household. Because every move must be made individually, owner Georg Matthias Kramer advises to phone phone 0521-66666 to an appointment or to visit the Web site for more information. Find prospects much important information for their move, because one should keep in mind: why elsewhere more pay, if the specialist makes Kramer prices, which protect the money bag. The motto is: “your belongings and goods goes on the journey – and Kramer makes the tiny price!” Conscientiously with great resources, KRAMER takes you to your new home! Contact: Hans-Georg Kramer furniture transport Mr Kramer 33699 Bielefeld 0521-6 Gustav Winkler road 48 66 66 press contact: Adgency GmbH Sarah Tilgner Castle Street 4 32108 Bad Salzuflen 052223690615

Competence And Personal Safety On Construction Sites

Security is one of the central requirements in the private as in business life. Neutral Consulting helps individuals and companies in many industries, finding the individually optimized tracking solution to the satisfaction of the relevant safety requirements. In the four core areas “Vehicle tracking and theft prevention”, “Employee control and log book”, “construction machinery and rental” and “Location of people and animals” offers telematik.cc competent assistance in the configuration of a price and performance-optimized solution from a wide range of combinable modules. The 43-year old Holger Hennek is founder of telematik.cc Ltd. “Thanks to years of industry experience, we are able to cost-effectively assemble the exactly appropriate telematic solutions for all claims”, the Managing Director describes the principle of performance of his company.

The company in the Lower Saxony Wilstedt offers only leading technology for tracking, telematics and telemetry applications. The application of telematic systems for commercial means and private customers the realization of cost advantages. Many indirect benefits associated with improved security of property and assets, as well as a detailed reporting. So arise significant savings on insurance premiums and by the improved organisational, personnel can be deployed more efficiently. Also the conservation of capital goods is greatly simplified, because the recording and monitoring of vehicle data is possible except for project-related mobility profiles of machines and employees.

Maintenance intervals can be considered automatically on their base. Last but not least help telematic positioning systems here, to prevent accidents. A link with existing software solutions for reporting, billing and accounting saves also office equipment in addition to multiple efforts. Savings, workload, and improved security are effects that implement telematics systems for the needs of individuals as well as for self-employed individual entrepreneurs or large companies. Expert advice by telematik.cc helps to implement these benefits promptly and cost-effectively. Contact: telematik.cc Ltd. Holger Hennek Schlehe route 1a 27412 Wilstedt Germany phone + 49-0160-7981781 telephone landline + 49-4283-982492 E-Mail: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

Career Consultant

There are LoveLifeWork and joie de vivre a lifelong love? I love my boss? Why am I still single? How can companies integrate love? These and many other questions are frequently asked me. Love and work belong together the answer is as varied as the people and companies who contact me. Because all belongs together. Say my work is holistically aimed at people and companies. Of course who want to make a difference to me contact.

The women and men. Manager, decision makers and companies, love, life, work, success, healthy and happy see related. As a large whole that takes everyone further. Certainly people notice when something is no longer around. Whether it is private or professional. But what is it called so beautiful: at this point, the cat themselves often in the tail biting.

This means that patients often find the beginning of the solution. Love & life consultant the necessary distance is maintained, to get to the bottom of the problem. First then a solution can be found. Sounds simple, but is alone often virtually impossible for the clients. Long-established behavior and beliefs play just as much a role as anchored power thinking. Help talks with friends and acquaintances. In companies, fears of reprisals are often large. Bosses are afraid to lose control and thus respect. An important part is to resolve this but, to get content partnerships and staff. If you are happy, can do more to promote recognition and respect is an important punk of my work. This is also a form of love. This is becoming more and more stunted for decades in our fast-moving times. But we need the coexistence in the microcosm of a private partnership and family, as well as in a small, medium-sized and large companies. Just as rising profits, success, health and loving partnerships are possible. Burnout. Layoffs in the job. Often hard life cuts bring separations, long distance relationships, diseases and Changes. So go and develop new perspectives is to the heart. People from the dark bring back to light. You will be happy to make on a small scale, such as in the great. Privately, professionally, and in companies is my wish and my vision. Love for all! Happiness for everyone. Coupled with health, satisfaction, and success! LoveLifeWork and a happy maker my name is Susan Heat, love & life consultant and happy maker, TV expert, author, and a champion of practical and easily implementable solutions. I enjoy life, take courage and urge to deeds. Since the change is easy. My tips are easy to implement digestible and for everyone. New perspectives can be the positive and successful way in which the future! I got back in foreign countries for many years lived for over 25 years of experience as a journalist/medical journalist/ghostwriter, as well as experience as entrepreneur and a strong intuition. Study of literature/philosophy of the RUB and later psychology at the University of Hagen. For companies, I have developed the concept of LoveLifeWork. People and practical and immediately actionable solutions and the happiness of all are my focus. Contact: Susan Heat Love & life consultant & Felicity Macherin P.o. box 24 02 47 40091 Dusseldorf email: contact (at) susanheat.de member in the social business network XING