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Accounting services are needed, as well as quality management firm. Accounting is one of the few departments, whose presence is necessary just in the domestic market. feature is our market is the fact that accounting exists as a separate element in the enterprise, but does not conduct any analysis of your business, after making accountable information. That is the essence of the problem. Outsourcing companies are addressing this issue and offer their support just to close to accounting issues once and for all. If this method was used earlier, according to the establishment, only if credited, SRI Depreciation according to road transport in the light path, now it is permitted to use according to almost all aspect of the production equipment at those options as soon as the size of the product is allowed to associate with OS objects, as a result of exploitation which it was obtained, ie As soon as the size of the product and the desired duration of the OS, the more closely than was told more. Capacity of implementing this method podsoblyaet fresh definition of the object inventory of the principal means by connecting it to the views articulated ensemble busily things like permits to look at any production line, consisting of a number of things as inventory subject OS. Probably much easier umozaklyuchitelny record operating and depreciation. In the case of disposal of unusable due to the use of or the object is part of the industrial band, probably retirement as provided for selective elimination, substitution and retired from service on the subject of fresh – as a capital investment.

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