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People like Hans Kolpak, who call something in the name of what others create, expose the risk to be confused, that create something. From March 2006 until November 2009 a satirical short texts on, which appeared very irregular because customer orders always enjoy priority extends. Hans Kolpak: \”who would be?Bite of the week\”appeared as a column in the sales order, it would have been a bite every week!\” But order copywriter and ghostwriter must take what comes and can concentrate on not only the own pleasure on the written word. Because she is always wild. \”My recipe is simple: I am beginning to write and I am in the flow for a few seconds.\” As if by magic the words fly to me, as I had opened a window through the fresh air into the room press and strokes on the keyboard of my computer.\” In principle, any text genus consists of artfully arranged letters and words, but without a doubt has emerged, where the Hans Kolpak focus since April 1999: there are issues of society, politics and health, which he bitingly aggressively enriches with thoughts and feelings between the lines. Often enough, he meets also the nail in full force on the head. Now notice what he writes and potential customers call, something like that. \”Each person experiences something, anything is striking everyone in our society. But at the same time we are confronted with our limited influence. As a \”Warrior of light\” I fight with words, need not to hire myself out as a mercenary or commit a Bundeswehr soldier. I never was harmless able! \”, says Hans Kolpak today. \”When I refused war service with and without a weapon of conscience, I had still not recognized, as is the history of Europe, with all sorts of violence. Today I ordeals, because a predominance of coarse shenanigans of all kinds eats like gangrene through our civilization and destroy them from the inside out.\” The written and the spoken word are Bastions, which create a participation more people through the Internet, as this was possible 20 years ago.

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