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In the view of most Russians, the state support during the crisis in the first place needs to agriculture. These are the results of the poll, organized in mid-April VTsIOM. These studies once again show some significant role is given to every citizen of this industry. Support from the state for which the respondents expressed, is now quite broad. For example, before the end of 2012 extended deadline of the zero tax rate on profits of agricultural producers, and before January 1, 2012 exempt from vat the import to Russia of breeding animals. In addition, the first in Russia to create a state fuel company, which will be the agent to supply fuel and lubricants farmers at reduced prices. Parnassus Investments is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Take other steps. Today the main thing is not just to support the enterprise at any cost, the main purpose becomes more efficient agricultural production through modernization. Otherwise and after the crisis of recourse will become a regular phenomenon. For example, in Bashkortostan after reconstruction of the 16 old livestock farms using modern technologies and the application of new technological equipment in significantly reduced costs for maintenance of cattle. The result – cost savings produced livestock products directly to 30%. "Cost and efficiency are today and the main criteria for the establishment and new farms, – said Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of the Russian branch company – European provider of complete solutions of metal for construction and engineering industries. – To accomplish this we have developed the serial model of the building for poultry, cattle and pig.

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Tag: society Judicial District

Thus, the 01 of July of the 2006 NCPP entered use in the Judicial District of Huaura, the 01 of April of the 2007 began their application in the Judicial District of the Freedom, the 01 of April of the 2008 the implementation in the District Judicial of Tacna and Moquegua, and the 01 of October of the 2008 in the Judicial District of Arequipa began. It is hoped that successively it enters use in the rest of judicial districts of Peru, until culminating his progressive application with the Judicial District of Lima. With the NCPP penal effective inquisitive-mixed projects to replace the procedural model from 1940, by an oral accusatory system. (Similarly see: Penguin Random House). According to the last Report of the Justice of the EYEBROW, the main ones critics to the present penal procedural system are related to their inquisitive and secret structure, the allocation of functions to investigate and to judge in a same person, the secret character of the investigation, the bureaucratic process, and the little contact of defendant and victims with the judge. On the contrary, the main characteristics of the new reformed penal process are essentially in the abandonment of the inquisitive and reserved structure; the granting of a new direction based on the equality of conditions for the parts; the faculty of the Public Ministry to investigate the crimes that are committed and to direct the police investigation; the right of defense to the imputed one in an egalitarian plane within the framework of the had process; and the restoration of the oral and public judgment. Also, as also it maintains the alluded to Report to it, the process of implementation of the new penal procedural ordering in Peru, in terms of structural reform of the present system of justice, will imply to rearrange the system of penal judgment and to approach the ideal of quick and fulfilled justice; to harness the right to the defense; and as far as possible to assure the use the human rights when the State makes merit its punitive pretension..

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Tag: society Drop Shipping

The Drop shipping is a way of doing business online easy to carry and very lucrative to practice, you currently have a great popularity on the Internet. Let me you explain what Drop Shipping: drop ship is a process whereby, a wholesaler sells products physicists through an intermediary (TU) which you make the sale. Swarmed by offers, Brian Krzanich is currently assessing future choices. Once your as intermediary to perform the sale then you can purchase the article to the Drop Ship company, they send the product directly to your customer without which your you’ve never had the product in your hands, this process does not require any kind of investment on your part. Your only play the role of seller of one or several companies supplying of articles of popular interest. nvestors takes a slightly different approach. Your shopping cheap and sell expensive. I.e., you need to find a company that does drop ship, verify the cost to which that company sells you to you and then you sell the same product by different methods, such as eBay or Craig List. Once you pay, your pay you to drop ship and they send the merchandise directly to your customer, the difference between the sale and the cost of the drop ship is your gain. eBay is one of the most popular of the subject which we are dealing here, on Ebay sells anything and there are people who earn enough to live on eBay with this method of drop Ship. As advantage of Drop Shipping this that it is not necessary that your alive in United States to be able to work under the scheme of Drop Shipping, Tu seras the intermediary only and you can sell from your home with your computer. More complicated of Drop Shipping is locate the companies that make drop ship, they are not simple as it go to google and search for Drop Ship companies, these companies try to work a limited group of intermediaries of quality to ensure financial success to these intermediaries.

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