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Vergleich Investment

Sting capital – and cash in an investment, still too few German invest the savings book out. This is strange, finally saving money and finding is announced today in almost all areas of daily life after the value. But when it comes to the proliferation of own money, most of savers shy once targeted assets steeped in return on to confront. The experts of the consumer platform of investment Vergleich.de have studied various forms of closed-end funds, with their help, even small investors can achieve good yields. Their conclusion: No fear of capital investments. “.” Savings and money market accounts unattractive who parked his capital on day money or savings accounts, not increase it, but it loses even more money.

A global, very precarious interplay between low interest savings, amounting to just one percent, and inflation is to blame for this. According to a recent report of the ARD of stock market experts alone the citizens a year lose around this effect ten billion euros. Just the interest rate of the day money account so popular with the Germans, is as low as ever and can daily continue to decline. Also the Festgeldanlage when a credit institution is always less attractive. A good investment, for example in closed-end funds, it currently is the only sensible way that savers can profitably invest their money. Not many investors fear getting bogged down with a complex product. “This concern however, is inappropriate, because working capital investment in closed-end funds” money of Saver based on very simple principles: the investor a fund provider makes available a certain amount for an agreed period. After expiration of the contract term, he gets back his invested money plus the earned yield. Who so invested in the appropriate investment product with good yield, can enjoy significantly higher interest rates at the end of its term a, compared to the savings account.

Wiesbaden Receivables Management

Until the transition to the company’s standard double-entry bookkeeping, would here a realistic overview allow the amount owed. Currently, the conversion of the accounting not yet in each municipality is completed. Municipal Receivables Management is gaining many chamberlains is fully aware of the problem. So now many local authorities are to introduce a Receivables Management. In addition, there are also pilot projects involving the public sector with private companies working on the realization of accounts receivable. Pilot projects demonstrate new ways on here the land Baden-Wurttemberg has tasked already the arvato info score from Baden Baden in 2009 to realize whipped down justice cost claims (Court, notary, register costs). According to Baden-Wurttemberg Minister of Justice, Prof. Dr.

Ulrich Goll (FDP), the country has recorded real revenue of 212.000,00 euros after only a few months. The project should show”so resentment next, can be used as private expertise for the performance of public duties, to improve the income situation of the country. Already now shows sure that it’s worth for the State budget, always critical to question existing structures and to break new ground.” Municipalites may federal state capital Wiesbaden Receivables Management but also the municipalities are taking new paths. An example is the federal state capital Wiesbaden, which has already begun with the construction of urban demand management a few years ago. In cooperation with the land data protection officer of the State of Hesse has the city now found one – for the whole state – possible way, as can be public demands on municipal level given to private providers for processing. According to Thomas Idstein, pushing forward the project in the combing, the use of private companies as a Management Assistant is”possible only under high standards of data protection and data security.

Even spatial and technical requirements to be observed in addition are.” Other projects in planning, the city of Wiesbaden is there not an isolated case. During our research we are on more local governments have encountered, which already started projects for the improvement of municipal management. It is hoped that these projects be driven forward fast and thus the municipalities in the future successful can realize their demands. The citizens affected by fees and levies will thank you. On demand, the German Association of cities still to the German cities and municipalities were willing to a statement to mahnportal.net. Original article and more information at. Ralf Teuber editor mahnportal.net

Bankruptcy Leads Services Demands

lead generation company, bankruptcy leads online as we know, the downturn in the economy has brought numerous Americans under the burden of debt. Thousands of individuals are looking for ways and means to as quickly as possible. . The good news is that several bankruptcy offer services provide companies are therefore looking for individuals with problem bankruptcy in order to help them get debt free. There is a big demand of qualified bankruptcy leads in financial market. One has to understand that can only be met with quality and fresh bankruptcy leads this huge demand for bankruptcy services. A business bankruptcy can only survive if they have enough clients to work with, and only fresh and quality bankruptcy leads through a professional business lead generation can ensure conversion.

Poor or hard bankruptcy leads, no matter how many, never help want a business bankruptcy as they survive their conversion rate is really low. To close at old lead is of almost next to impossible as either the prospective client has already gotten in touch with another company or bankruptcy lead generation has given up and is ignoring all attempts of contact made by sales lead generation. The demand for fresh leads is so high that bankruptcy help, bankruptcy companies are ready to pay handsome amounts of money to acquire them. So, if you own a bankruptcy purchase bankruptcy leads and have fresh, quality bankruptcy leads, then be certain to get amazing returns on the leads that you can sell to companies in need of them. Several businesses are therefore willing to pay a good amount of commission to lead generator for every single conversion that takes place.

MCM Investor Management

Ms. Meier shakes my head: from your income as an employee would like to put back every month something. Magdeburg, 06.06.2013 – the MCM offers an alternative investor Management AG. It allows access to the attractive real estate business a broader target group of investors by investors with manageable monthly amounts with profit from the business of MCM investor Management AG. The investor acquires this beneficiary shares, so make with the claim, if successful. In addition, this participation with a minimum interest rate is equipped, provision, the investor receives, which is considerably higher than the above, currently attainable yields.

But how? A ten-year federal bond brings 1.5 percent return per year at the moment. The same applies to corporate bonds of strong credit rating companies. At the classic savings account, there are only a few mostly foreign banks, which offer an interest in. Many interpret this as touting. And shares? There, Ms. Meier has no simple Experiences and would also run the risk not of.

The risk that the price of the selected system crashes are too big from their point of view, also she don’t even know what company she should invest. A consultation with a bank takes also no enlightenment”. As Ms. Meier million other savers in Germany faces the question: what do I do with my money? Germany, a desert plant? “The investment company PIMCO, Andrew Bosomworth, Germany Chief takes to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung strong words: this is the declared intention of monetary policy to push investors into risky and illiquid investments, so the interest rates stay low and forced the consumer to consumer.” Because there higher yields only tangible assets such as real estate, infrastructure or energy they are the achievers, when it comes to the economic prosperity of the country. But here too, many investors are unsure, what should I invest and how can I get sound Offers? Real estate are in favor of the investors at the very top. Real estate as an investment? “Thomas Filor, Chief of Faraman underwriter from Magdeburg White Board: of course a well rented property is a safe investment, but not everyone is capable of an apartment, or to purchase an entire object, although this represents a viable alternative.” It is also important that no investor should take over for Faraman real estate experts. If the loan too much press, then the overall portfolio of the investor is usually to one side,”he says. A good advice is the be-all and end-all of any decision here. Professionals would show up quickly one with which real estate medium-term money making was, to do this, belong, that the purchase price, the attainable rental and financing agreed. The MCM offers an alternative investor Management AG. It allows access to the attractive real estate, a broader target group of investors by investors already with manageable monthly amounts from the MCM business investor Benefit from Management AG. The investor acquires this beneficiary shares, so make with the claim, if successful. In addition, this participation with a minimum interest rate is equipped, provision, the investor receives, which is considerably higher than the above, currently attainable yields. Profit participation rights in real estate companies are in fact secured with property assets and thus provide a higher security than, for example, the participation of a manufacturing or service company.

European Central Bank

London and Paris are the most expensive cities in Europe. Munich is closely followed. Munich, 05.07.2013. These are the results of the Deloitte property 2012 for index overview of European residential markets “, which illuminated the housing market by 27 European cities. In a European comparison, too few apartments are built in Germany. This as you know is reflected in house prices. Bavaria’s capital city Munich is the most expensive in Germany. The report also shows that the household of Eastern European neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Poland, far below the average costs, whereas it is most expensive live in Denmark.

It is certain: the Germans are rental Kings, no other nation does not live in your own four walls so often. The European Central Bank is also a reason why the German asset accumulation lags behind the European level in a recent study. Also, they say: who builds the saves. Owners of real estate to do so more for wealth accumulation. This is the purchase of residential property in Germany is still comparatively cheap, if also mainly in the metropolises of strong prices. So it is possible to purchase home ownership in this country with relatively lower financial expenses income levels higher here than, for example, in Eastern European countries where real estate prices scored on a similar level range. Only in the cities, the conditions worsen: it attracts more and more people in the cities. Here, the markets experienced an unexpected price jump in the last two years.

If you buy a house or an apartment, usually uses a loan by a bank or a credit on a building society. It is therefore interesting to take a look at the debt-equity ratio in Europe. This describes the ratio of the total volume of debt to gross national product and is Europe-wide average 52 percent. 45 Percent in the midfield is Germany. The Netherlands and Denmark are outliers with over 100 percent. In comparison: in Russia is the debt-equity ratio just 2.6 percent. Who would indirectly benefit from the development of the German real estate market, in which he entrusted his money to specialists, offers a suitable partner with the Munich euro Grundinvest. Grundinvest euros at the source of value creation: the purchase of entwicklungsfahigem land to residential areas, the development of new residential areas and the sale of real estate at a profit to investors and owner-occupiers. A wide variety of investment offerings were developed to refinance, in which investors even with small monthly amounts can already participate. The Munich-based company experienced can thereby claim, so far to meet all prospect information, high investment security thus offers investors.


Between four and ten per cent yield are possible, depending on the chosen funds. Investment in green energy: solar, wind power and biogas Fund green, so renewable energy is becoming more and more in the public eye. In addition to the possibility to participate actively in the energy revolution, offer funds in this sector already at middle maturities, typically aged three, very good yield potential. No matter whether biogas, solar or wind power funds, the capital brought by the fund investors will in all cases for construction, operation and maintenance of the facilities used. The generated energy, i.e. electricity fed as well as, in the case of a biogas plant, additionally heat, in the networks of consumption.

This promises great profits by up to seven percent, that reliable flow through the purchase guarantees agreed between operator and State, investors. Investment football: closed-end Fund with a short term at a very young, for the more promising investment is optimal return on the investment in so-called football subordinated loan. Here the money of the investors in the form of a subordinated loan to football clubs in the top leagues indicates which of them subject to release player transfers finance. A good part of the profits thus generated flows to the fund investors at maturity than yield. The investment in football Fund combines high reliability and excellent yield opportunities of up to 7.96 percent from point of view of the investor. As provider of football Fund securing the capital with special insurance against losses, as they can arise through the loss of a player of who was invested in his transfer rights, effectively.

Also will invest of course not only in a single player or Club, but asset strewn, to achieve security and return. To come, what even a very short minimum term of the football Fund of just 180 days, as well as a minimum investment amount of only 2,500 euro also investors attractive with lower credit opportunities. Another important advantage of the football subordinated loan is also in the tax situation. Because through the special position as a donor of a subordinated loan will investors to be an entrepreneur, what has a lowering effect on the taxation of his return. Compare investments and the best investment find how it looks, equals the investment in closed-end funds an ideal opportunity for all savers, what age and income, interest-prone to invest their money. However there is not the sweeping best investment for anyone, but she must be chosen carefully and individually. This decision for the appropriate form of investment requires a previous comparison. In addition, the consumer platform of investment Vergleich.de offers ideal conditions. Here, investors receive all relevant information about the various investments and successful investing in closed-end funds. Of course completely free of charge and without obligation.

Euro Oil

As reported by the Association of closed-end Fund (VGF), energy funds were the only asset class with a nominal growth last year. Dallas, 18.06.2013. Investors invested Euro 2012 723,2 million, 14 percent more than in the previous year (2011: 637,1 million euros) “, so the VGF in its official press release.” It is difficult to differentiate between the different funds. Because one involves investments that spend their money for renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal energy to another but also to funds that usually invest in the optimization of existing oil or gas sources (link). Oil is, without doubt, one of the world’s most important resources.

Without the liquid gold, as it is sometimes so beautiful, nothing goes in the industry. Looking at the list of these companies in Europe, so many energy companies among the first found ten. Oil has established large assets and also provides a wide layer of normal investors”a meaningful Alternative. This is far too little known. Just oil investments are a sensible investment with high yield potential.

This related, in particular, that oil is a limited commodity (link). It is no wonder that more and more investors to invest in oil. Success this then is this a real value on a direct investment in producing sources or through a closed-end funds, which in turn invests in producing sources, and offers therefore the known advantages of this type of investment, such as, for example, inflation protection. In this respect a stake in an oil well not differs from on a property as an investment. Although oil prices here are subject to certain cycles, a certain direction suggests itself for decades. Also, with regard to this they differ little from real estate. Because nobody will seriously want to argue that both are not increasingly more expensive. Oil or natural gas sources in the United States are particularly in demand. The country has many advantages, there is also a politically safe environment. Investors have in the Land of opportunity many advantages and it makes no difference whether it occurs as a German or American investor. However you should watch closely the performance of the characters, which one entrusts his money. Usually I is it German investment companies, representing also the appropriate care. They in turn work with companies in the United States, which implement the actual operative business. Companies like Amtex oil & gas (link), you would have to correctly write oil & gas to german Amtex, offer the opportunity to participate in an oil well investors here. This is done in the form of a private placement together with a few other investors. The investors are registered as owner in the United States. You participate thereby obtained gas and oil revenues, large energy companies do not do otherwise also.

Futures Exchange

Certificates on raw materials refer to the respective futures of raw materials, such as oil. In the framework of the so-called rollover is sold the expiring futures and the amount of money in the next due future invested (or rolled). The price difference between the individual contracts will be balanced by the fact by rise or fall in the participation of the certificate. A comparison can be found here. Funds that put the capital of investors in securities by providers who are active in the commodities sector, are known as commodity funds. With these investors through the use of different instruments can seize opportunities offered in global commodity markets. It is possible, on the one hand, to participate in positive developments in the commodity markets, on the other hand you can benefit but also by negative price trends by setting temporary short positions. You can find the different offers among other things here.

Without wanting to evaluate these investments, they completely differ from direct investments in oil and natural gas sources. An oil certificate not invested oil or its source, for example, in the raw material, but is based on the prices of oil futures, which are traded on the Futures Exchange. The investor is not directly on the asset system oil or natural gas involved so tradable securities, but only on their derivatives. As pointed out the renowned Professor Dr. Karl-Georg Loritz in several essays, this is dependent on the interactions of the stock exchange here, without directly to influence the actual asset. You should leave this field specialists. Otherwise the direct stakes of the Amtex oil & gas LLC: here the investor acquires a stake in one or more oil and natural gas sources, i.e.