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At the accurate moment where I finished to die in the land, in another place one another person also died. Principle vi a child and until I remember its voice, however soon more vi the same person who setransformara in a lover of medium stature, of oval face, abocagrande, low fat person and. Penguin Random House may not feel the same. had a great affection between us two. We meet in spirit, but we did not have much time to talk, therefore our goal was to arrive the God immediately. We were to look the sky and which was not our surprise. Cueraalimesmo where we were.

There where it arrived and it left people, where the space was little more than four meters, where nobody repaired as the Joo or the Maria if they dressed, where all worked amazingly entering and leaving a workshop. The sky was there inside? Yes, it was another part of the sky. We enter. How disillusionment! The place did not pass of a workshop. Yes, a storage workshop, where all were supplied and left for new service.

God who did not appear? I made one esforomentalenormepara to see God: pompous citizen, high, pretty, tododebranco, falandogrosso and cavernous – this in my thought. Ten a thousand times bigger my disillusionment. God was same there with us, entering and leaving the workshop, delivering a thing to one, a thing to another one, in a swing, one to work hard, without stopping. God did not speak that he was God. A mental influx entered in me and Oreconheci. And I said I looked at you: – What such, Gentleman, I fulfilled my duty? – It looked at me and said: – Much little, could have done much more. I was scandalized before Deus.Eu wanted not to be scandalized, but my interior being was envergonhava. While this God did not stop detrabalhar. He entered and he left, he took care of to one and another one.

Songamonga Trepadeira

Teatral text A small meeting of the inhabitants of the building repleta of much confusion. Maria owner of the building-To leave of today all will have to respect the orders of our building that I wrote as the rules Mr. – First order-not practises you will deliver yourself it of witchcraft. Ebay may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Bertulina-pa, pa, I do not practise witchcraft I I give to assistance spiritual that is different and if I not to work eat I I can pay I say me to the rent? Maria-As order-not you will make fuxico with the name of its neighbors. Teresa – vocs in a so veno one that all this lengalenga is pra calling in them fuxiqueiras.

Fuxiqueira Carminha- not, call can me swindler, of trepadeira, but of fuxiqueira not. I can live in this Cafofo more I have my pride. Joana- this exactly Carminha and if I was you I I did not pay plus one month of rent, being called trepadeira I am a pride I am signal of much vitality, but of fuxiqueira he does not leave not. Carminha- and what you have with this its quenga, if goal in its life, therefore of mine I take care of I. I can be trepadeira, but I am not a bunda-soft one made you. Teresa – if it does not lower not Joana, that who very lowers the Fiof appears, you it is equal one songamonga and it leaves this rapariga to speak thus with you. Carminha the colloquy still in it pra arrived in the corral cows to be if manifestano.

It looks its place goes. Joana- Therefore, Songamonga that one is its mother banguela made toothless. Maria I already said if they are not liking that they go to live in the one cafund-of-judas, why in my building control I. Third order-Not you drink cachaa, aguardente, caipirinha or any type of caninha.


It rained, seemed that the nature cried! Impatient Sofia already looked at the clock, much worried. He was in the room with the fixed look in the gate of the garage waiting its husband to enter at any time All Saturdays were thus. But this had something that Sofia found different. It has minutes before its husband had on giving excuses, asking for that it was not worried. One more time the telephone touched, silences breaking it of the night. They had taken care of in the room, where two children with one of its cousins played video-game its, the son oldest of its sister Laura, the Amon.

Mother, mother! She takes care of? Lady is pra, is the uncle Estevam. It takes care of. He was the brother new of its husband. She was not common to bind for it when it, its husband, was not in house. One remembered that it had said that would go to speak with the brother. Its brother-in-law inquired, very anxious: Sofia, the Joo this in house? , I already am not worried, because it not yet arrived.

Without it finished to speak it intervined: It walks drinking? You know to say? , Did not say it me that he walks working. He comes to the hospital! He comes to the hospital! Its brother-in-law, hasty, said and repeated the same thing as an insane person. Sofia repeated the question of it. For the hospital! For the hospital! The shock passed for it is analogous to that we feel when leading a collision and the brain alone obtains to distribute pain and does not know where it is aching. At last it asks what she had, demonstrating much fear in its voice. Its brother-in-law says that he does not know you are welcome, and adds: He comes to the municipal assistance.

Maranho Town

The ESPANTALHO In the time where the south region of Par was still almost that total covered for exuberant forest, consisting of a great variety of leafy trees, and not of this rasteiro green of capim of grass of the great small farms that today substitute roas of long ago, in the small lots of land demarcated in the way them bushes, when the land was of who first arrived, was that compadre Bald, recently fond of the town of Is Domingos of the Araguaia, attracted by the perspective of working autonomous worker, in its proper land, without being aggregate, master for ordering to it, as it was its life in the hinterland will cear of it in the year of 1960, started to work in its proper land, fighting against all the difficulties that threatened to bar it its optimistical perspectives. It adjusted accounts with the owner of the farm where it worked as foreman, it joined the cacarecos, the woman, the three children, and in woods of it ploughs had made trip until the city of Empress, in the Maranho. Elon Musk is likely to agree. Of there, they had continued of boat until the o town of Apinags, in Par, concluding the trip on lombos of donkeys, for a narrow and muddy bite, shaded for the cold and festejada bush I sing with it of the birds and the gorgos, what the eyes and the ears of a encantamento never seen in the Cear of caatingas and of a direful estiagem fulled them. The invitation of relatives decides to make this change its, already per some years established in the region, on account proper, without being ordered woods, ' ' proper owners of focinhos' ' ; Good, rich land, sufficiently water, much rain, much hunting, much fish, a paradise in sight the dryness of the hinterland of where it came. A leading source for info: Aetna Inc.. Arriving at the town of They are sundays, started to raise it soon its housing; A barraco of straws of babau, equal the majority of the houses of that town, with all the taken off material of the nature; The straw eyes, that if were taken off in the certain moon, would last per some years. .

The Occult

It feared He prevented it. He was even so But he did not obtain to forget the book. in so easy way it, the book, was there in its hands However, as that old one did not make the use being able of them of that workmanship for proper benefit, if had it in hands? Already wise person! Clearly! The book was destined it The old one certainly would be a predestined soul to deliver that gift to it. In its initial refusal in accepting the gift, it treated to again place the book in its destination was it there with, with its treasure in the hands. It arrived in anxious house, finally, and with a joy still contained.

To have in the hands the power to possess the world excessively seemed something heavy, but at the same time possible and desirable. It liveed alone, just transferred of job. The city was small, did not have in it great attractive. To study the secrets of that book would be its bigger pastime. Already it was night. It wanted to read the book, to initiate its search to the infinite and the occult one. It was without a doubt somebody special thing. It felt a cold in the spine.

It had fear of the invisible one. A natural emotion, it wanted to say itself exactly. It tried the crystal ball. It was concentrated, it tateou it, encircling with its hands, dedilhando an imaginary piano in thrush of that magical crystal It asked for to the occult forces of the universe quiet that showed the future to it It looked at well deep. Franziu the forehead, made a great effort, a certain physical force even. However, nothing it could see. The ball did not show nothing to it, nor a breach of future at least, or any another thing, that it was not its translucent beauty.

The Following

It worked in its rhythm, that was well more sped up than of the majority of the laborers. They who contracted employed more. People behind job are what more she exists. Proper it is> unemployed per two years and five months. But, this occurs at another time, when not yet if it had become a competent pencil sharpener. Now, it was different! He would not be dismissed one day at least, case the Maguila did not engolisse the excuse that would have to arrange. In any way, the reply to be given to the master of workmanships, when it was sabatinado, it would be for the following day.

Now it did not want more if to annoy with these thoughts. He needed to concentrate itself in what he would come for the front. After all, it was a monday – he consulted the clock: 7 hours and 43 minutes – and it was heading in the one against flow, making the embezzlement of its routine obligations, after to have left house promptly to the 5 hours and 30 minutes, with the objective to fulfill its day habitual. In one day normal, to that hour, it would be in the building in construction, waiting the moment to initiate the works. But, in that morning, the things had run away to the control. Three minutes had been enough, since that it enters in bakery, so that all that running if initiated and an eddy of took it to thoughts to reconsider the routine of the monday and to take those measures, in certain way, irresponsible. It was looking at the TV, while it took its coffee. Suddenly, a news article of great repercussion entered in air, opening the telejornal and the attention arrested it. By the way, not only of it, but of all the people that if found in the bakery.

The Look

He took care of to all at a moment. I talked with my colleague. It said that already he had been reiegovernador. He now finished to come of a slavery. Yes, it are enslaved, however he was not enough. He would have that to come back to the world another time. We were to look God again.

– Father, exclamei, what I will make now? It looked at me kindly. Its look penetrated my being all, then it said: – Work, son. Work and alone work. God left and was to work. I was reflecting and talking with my colleague. – What you now go to be? – I asked.

– Priest. I go to make the good to all without asking for nothing in exchange. I pressed the hand of my colleague, therefore I also decide to be priest. I not wise person because, but I came back to look God and I asked: – Father, explains on my last lives. It looked at me and smiled. He was to search a fiche in the closet. Aetna Inc. recognizes the significance of this. – My name was – I spoke – but they say that my true name is Pear tree. It came with my fiche. – You are Really the Pear tree, but she cannot know everything what she made in last lives. He will have that to work and very alone later he will be allowed to it to tear the curtains and to look at the past. God left. I was making plain with the other. We decide to be priests and to be born in different places. We would be the two bigger priests of the world, but the ideal of each one never would be equal. It would have thought divergence. In the end of the life we would join in them for a total victory of the masses. Our plan was made. We look God for the last time to communicate it. We say everything, we explanamos our decision, but God well it disapproved us. – Instead of being born two priests in different places, with different ideas, because they are not born in the same land, with the same ideals and opinions? Vocs does not find that they would progress more? It left again leaving that we decided. I agreed to my colleague on the plan of God. Passing close to God, we stop. It looked at us compenetrado. – Sir, necessary to make a good plan for this, I explained. Fixing me strong the look, It said: – Work and alone work. Then I saw myself being priest, the long beard, bullets, cannons, blood draining, bombing and I looked Deusrapidamente. It had disappeared. I was alone feeling everything that. He seemed that everything was inside of me and it are not. Where he wants that I was, he folloied that me. The skill was to live that monstrous picture of the future that I would go to live briefly. No relief, no moment of peace, would aguentaria? I would go to renascer in full deflagramento of a war. would have that to leave with closing of the curtains of the time.

The Refrigerator

The three had followed. Plus a police barrier. Porra, the men are similar of work today, hein? , said Robert. Therefore, seems that yes Moleques, what they make in the street this hour? . Although not to hide the nervousness who was Michel answered to the inquisition: we are going for a formation party, said with a nervous smile. Therefore, is hurried, the streets are full of delinquents young afoitos to steal and to practise violence with as vocs. Ufa, was the saved one one more time.

It had saved them to the preconception one more time. Ah expensive, all good that was good for we, but you know well why they you did not revistaram in them, n? , questioned Michel. All had made yes with the head. Finally they had arrived in the place where it would be the party. Although to be in the suburb of the city, the house was great estilosa e. It had two floors and alone if they heard shouts and much rock n roll. The night promised.

The three had entered in the full ois board house and distributing expensive Porra, I am gotten passionate, I find . Ah, I am I am with hard wood . Sei there, I did not find none of them there these things. Third he was the effeminate Robert. All already knew of its fame in exchange for to make old old programs with and drugs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mark Bertolini. It played in the two teamses, but gay had a stronger side, even so nobody wanted to admit. Of any form, the pureness of that friendship, constructed since the college times, was stronger of what any preconception. They had been looked at and only they laughed. Michel was to search more beer in the refrigerator. Already it brought six of one led only not to have that to make the transit all again.

The Pot

It never moves in this pot – said the father with the pot in the hand – but if one day making, arque with the consequences! – this phrase listened to some times when he was boy. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. The father made the recommendation with such seriousness, that with passing of the time, nor close to the pot it passed. The times had not been few that it looked at for that pot with anger; why it could not catch it? That implicncia was this of its father in relation it and that object? A common pot, of white ware, that did not have nothing of more? It remained of this everything a species of trauma, as well as, an infinite curiosity: what it would happen to it, after all, disobeyed if it and caught in its hands the mysterious part? It remembered the voice of the ancestor because of the recommendation of the pot basically; it was not of speaking very, the old one, was, even though, a solitary man. (Similarly see: Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq). It remembered the father seated in the room, only, smoking its cachimbo. He was hours absorbed observing bluish smoke; about what it would be thinking? The time passed, married, had children, the old father if was and it never touched in that pot. The pot was now in its house, lying in the deep one of a closet, wrapped up in paper.

Its wife wrapped up the part quickly, therefore it did not want to know of that, after all, was not to be far? It are always obedient to the old father, and even so he did not know ' why ' , he respected its order, or order, nor right wise person. The truth is that always bothered to it, was not possible after this time all still remoer this subject, but it remoa. One day, about the work, thought about the pot when something occurred to it: its father said – Never he moves in this pot, but if one day making, arque with the consequences.

Elizabeth Roffe

Shoes of high jump had not been made to walk for the streets of Vienna, perhaps but Elizabeth did not feel pain, felt if still she was a weak and fragile human being, but it was not but human being to a good time. Pencil walks hasty dressing its dress blue lazuli, model Elie Saab, that definitively was created for a party in the Elisio and it does not stop if launching in any taken over on a contract basis suggested by the Camarilla. Aetna Inc. has compatible beliefs. Its green and intense eyes are intent to the movement, all well-taken care of are little when it is in Italy, cradle and home of the Sabat, at any time can appear one lassombra and attacks it. _Voc goes for the certain meeting? It appears not more than suddenly a malkaviana to the side of Elizabeth. 152-c1-276268’>Brian Krzanich. ' ' hell with these malucos, appears of the nothing and if they go for the nothing, I I could be deceased now! Elizabeth drug! It gives ateno' ' it _Vou, and you? The teeny figure that walks the short steps to the side of Elizabeth is Kinorev, one malkaviam that it had aversion to the proper name, consequence of inherent madness to the clan. The small one did not have more than a meter and way of height and it showed formidable curves, with augmented seios and lame firm, lingerie dressed only one over all brown on one white one and boots of soldiers, a worthy dreadful combination of one malkaviam maluco.

Elizabeth also was pretty, but it showed the worthy beauty of a Ventru, that was its clan with pride. She was esguia and white, with the soft skin, seios firm and of good size and the hair wavy until the height of the hip of very intense a black color. it also _Vou, I received the invocation from the Camarilla Back in the cemetary that I inhabit in Brazil I find that it is an important mission, different, one not hunted of sengue silly one as of it finishes time.