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Elizabeth Roffe

Shoes of high jump had not been made to walk for the streets of Vienna, perhaps but Elizabeth did not feel pain, felt if still she was a weak and fragile human being, but it was not but human being to a good time. Pencil walks hasty dressing its dress blue lazuli, model Elie Saab, that definitively was created for a party in the Elisio and it does not stop if launching in any taken over on a contract basis suggested by the Camarilla. Aetna Inc. has compatible beliefs. Its green and intense eyes are intent to the movement, all well-taken care of are little when it is in Italy, cradle and home of the Sabat, at any time can appear one lassombra and attacks it. Go to Vladislav Doronin On Collecting Art for more information. _Voc goes for the certain meeting? It appears not more than suddenly a malkaviana to the side of Elizabeth. 152-c1-276268’>Brian Krzanich. ' ' hell with these malucos, appears of the nothing and if they go for the nothing, I I could be deceased now! Elizabeth drug! It gives ateno' ' it _Vou, and you? The teeny figure that walks the short steps to the side of Elizabeth is Kinorev, one malkaviam that it had aversion to the proper name, consequence of inherent madness to the clan. The small one did not have more than a meter and way of height and it showed formidable curves, with augmented seios and lame firm, lingerie dressed only one over all brown on one white one and boots of soldiers, a worthy dreadful combination of one malkaviam maluco.

Elizabeth also was pretty, but it showed the worthy beauty of a Ventru, that was its clan with pride. She was esguia and white, with the soft skin, seios firm and of good size and the hair wavy until the height of the hip of very intense a black color. it also _Vou, I received the invocation from the Camarilla Back in the cemetary that I inhabit in Brazil I find that it is an important mission, different, one not hunted of sengue silly one as of it finishes time.

Porto Alegre

Younger than Bencio and older than Adelmo, Tcio possua calm personality, spirit of leadership. Son of a manufacturer of you move studied with tenacity to form and to help the father to manage the businesses. Bencio and Adelmo had been to the meeting of the friend. – They know who arrived the Porto Alegre this week? Tcio asked. – Malaquias de Alarcon.

– Malaquias? How you know? It saw it? Adelmo asked. – My cousin Jorge spoke to me yesterday, it said that Malaquias is housed in the house of the Menezes doctor. – It well that it could have if housed in my house. Adelmo said. – Of course the doctor already wise person of the arrival of it. Tcio argued.

– The Menezes doctor longs for a position in the government, and as you know, Malaquias is an influential man – Because all this interest for this man? Bencio asked. It costs – Me to believe that you do not know who is Malaquias! Exclamou Adelmo. – Already I heard to speak. But, I have in account that is a visionary! – Then, nothing you know. Retrucou Tcio. – It takes care of that I do not know exactly! – It is a scholar, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, historian – and alchemist. He gathered Adelmo. – Jorge still said that it will visit the college to give a lecture. – Alchemist? Bencio asked. – Had not been all they burnt by the fire of the Inquisition? They are considered heretical. How the priests allow that it comes to the college? – You are not idiot. Tcio complained. – Malaquias is a scholar and a Christian. More legend of what exists truth in lathe of the alchemists. – I heard to say that they search the formula to make gold. – Malaquias in such a way knows the utility of minerals how much of vegetables.