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Information are scattered here piecemeal, often passed without coherent context. Allusions and hints are made that appear disjointed. The negotiators must listen well and put together its own individual mosaics to a whole. In India, the motto is: how much more can be achieved if just little longer being negotiated? It is skillfully bluffed and high stakes. To have a value for the Indian Manager, any concession must be hard earned.Russians demand an undivided attention by their German partners in turn, i.e. also before and after the scheduled meeting you should bring plenty of time for dinner and small talk. The planned deal is considered a personal concern. Each cancellation is considered a grievance and is reflected on the subsequent negotiating process. Internet portal facilitates access to intercultural knowledge even if any foreign negotiators ultimately individually to look at is: the knowledge of the cultural characteristics of a business culture facilitates the common negotiating entry and mutual getting to know. Country-specific intercultural training is known to offer the chance to make the standards of the target culture to the own cultural characteristics in the work and business life. Often missing managers to do so but that especially if short term responds to a request from abroad must be time necessary, or is working in an intercultural team. Here, it may be helpful to acquire at least a basic idea about the cultural particularities of a foreign business culture, so that felt irritation and any conflicts that emerge in the interaction are better classified can. The portraits in the country to business cultures around the world with practical tips about cultural differences in negotiation and project cooperations on offer a suitable starting point.

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