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Clown Ivan

Spaces lived for the actors of the recreation above called. Penguin Random House has similar goals. Then, it is shared that one leisure politics is not alone to be come back toward activities, and nor only professional techniques and specific abilities are endowed with, are construction citizens of sensibilidades, creativity, desvelamento, integration between the surrounding cultural human being. to share experiences the lecture of the Clown ' ' Uncle Ivan' ' , he collaborates with clarifications on the profile and the valuation of the professional (MOESCH, 2003, pg; 27), Ivan has 43 years, formed in pedagogia ' ' I am not one pedagogo, I am one palhao' '. in day 25/08/2009 if directed until Campus III of the UEPA, stops in them explanar a little of its experiences. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Arena Investors has to say. (…) ' ' You do not obtain to stop to learn nunca' '. ' ' I needed to perfect many things. I needed to search in scientific something to base what already wise person. (…) ' ' He does not move yourself in the culture of ningum' '.

' ' The egocentrismo our passes of the necessity humana' '. (…) foca its work in infantile parties, schools, academies. always searchs to improve itself. Currently one meets making specialization in leisure in the course of Physical education? UEPA. (…) ' ' My clown never was of sacaniar the other. I always worked with people of another level, had that to be of another one nvel' '. (…) ' ' We want that the children gain the children want brincar' ' Intense and real it is the concern of Ivan with the education of the children. (…) ' ' We do not prepare our children to live in a society joust, cooperativa' '. (…) We must be the mirrors. Through our change we will promote the change in the society in which we live (…) ' ' We are made of exemplos' ' ' ' I left of being speech and I started to be exemplo' '.

Double Wedding Ring

The techniques were transmitted by the mothers and grandmothers for its descendants, had thus appeared many related traditions the fabrics, colors and drawings. A tradition of 1800 middle asked for that the young woman made twelve bedspreads before being able to marry, being that the last one would have to use the blocks Double Wedding Ring (two interlaced rings of marriage). Since then much thing happened, but I believe that the one that more affected this market was the invention of schemes of sewing, nowadays we can find you scheme that they practically make of everything also the caseamento of the applications of patchwork. All an industry was created around this art, having produced many tools to facilitate the work of patchwork. It enters the indispensable tools for who works with this are the base of cut and the circular cutter (Introduced in the market in 1979 for the Olfa company whose inventor was Mr.

Y. Okada). I have the impression that at certain time patchwork was used to reaproveitar all mainly at the time the remnants that of another form would be discarded, of the resseo of 1929 in U.S.A., and today the contrast is that with the tools mentioned in them we use entire fabric parts we picotamos and them to produce the necessary remnants to the work of patchwork. Nowadays obviously we find many things developed specifically for Patchwork, including weaveeed and specialized magazines. The Patchwork for some is ties considered as a occupational therapy, for others as something viciante and I have seen this here in the store, who never made after only some lessons and ready. But for me as it said in the heading of this article is an art, that for very pretty signal, that has some utility, it is not as those things that only serve to be seen and appreciated as for examples the decorative panels, but also the door panetone of patchwork, the door forms, the catching ones of hot pan, the hen pull-bag, the kits that are called necessaire, the bags and many other things more Marcelo Gameiro Obs. Mine I negotiate is another one –


The observer on the other hand it must have capacity of attention, perception, capacity of analysis and capacity of communication. The fourth part still speaks of the testagem technique. Where many the tests are used indiscriminately, without preparation, without developing studies on the test elaboration, the standardized tests, that can be used in education, as assistant in the identification of the difficulties or possibilities of the pupils, but they need accompaniment of a specialist in the area where they will be applied, they can be special tests of aptitudes, personality and interest or exploitation. For more information see Intel. Already the pertaining to school tests are instruments elaborated for the professor with objective specify and destined the definitive group, in given circumstance; the professor needs to have security in relation to the stage of individual development of the pupil, as well as identifying the necessary steps for the continuation of the process, can be verbal, practises, objectives or dissertativos. To elaborate the tests she is necessary to determine to be evaluated objectives and contents, to choose the type of questions, setting of the number and preparation and revision of the questions. After the application the register of the results is necessary, but it is not recommendable that the professor of one notices tests on the basis of exclusively, it this subjects not to represent how much the pupil really knows on the subject, and still this he subjects the subjectivity of the professor in the correction, the professor must clearly have the reason of the pupil to receive that note or concept. The last part, Evaluation in the initial series, the author backwards factors that contribute relative the professor that they are: the expectation that the professor has of the pupil, the taste of the work and the ability of relationship with the children of this level and the theoretical recital that makes possible it ability specific technique in the function, educating in this fixes does not need to know that this being evaluated, the evaluation does not need to receive the name from test, is important that beyond the note or concept, either described the situation of each one in relation its stage of development, leaving clearly in such a way for the professor as for the pupil, why the result is this and which must be the new stage of the process of construction of the knowledge.

Brazil Literature

Bosi says that they do not belong to the category of literary, but the pure one criticizes historical, it recognizes that it is thanks to these stories of the landscape, the indian and social groups, that we can catch the primitive conditions of our culture. All these texts of information have as characteristic the information, as Bosi says, was traders, navigators, adventurers, and military who when arriving of the Europe here in Brazil, fascinated themselves with the beauty of our land they informed on Brazil for the Europe. Afrnio Coutinho in its book ' ' Literature in the Brasil' ' it defines the characters of Brazilian Literature, says that before making a definition, we must first have a vision of the scene and the context where if inserted Brazil at this time, make reference to one reference ' ' movement duplo' ' , that is, a double character that is telluric the spontaneous one, the disintegration and the abandonment of an old conscience of another side, the complex culture that is the construction of a new mentality. Telluric they were the writers who searched inspiration in the land in the unconscious one. The requintados ones carried through desenraizados cults that if came back toward the European cultural sources. This character between the search of a local tradition in substitution of a European tradition, is the moments that mark the initial literature of the colony, subject that sufficiently will be explicitado in files of legal documents of the Priest Jose de Anchieta whose workmanship is differentiated of informative documents because beyond letters reports of documentary and historical value, Anchieta also wrote poetry and theater. Priest Jose de Anchieta, arrived at Brazil with intention to make catequese to our indians, that is to transform them through the religion catholic. From 1552 the call starts a new A stage Brazilian Jesutica Literature that has as great information the religion catholic, was texts and poems that the Jesuit priests commanded by the priest Jose Anchieta and the Manoel priest of the N3obrega made for our indians counting they it history of the church catholic.

Informative Literature

' Sir, Rank that Captain of this Your fleet, and thus the other captains writes Your Alteza the notice of the achamento of this Your new land, that if now in this navigation found, will not leave also to give of this my account Your Alteza, as well as I better will be able, despite — to count it well and to speak — he knows that all worse to it to make! ' ' … (Pero Vaz de Caminha. Letter to King Dom Manoel) ' ' If it cannot number nor to understand the multitude of heathen Barbarian who sowed the nature for all this land of Brazil; because nobody can for a hinterland inside walk safe, nor to pass for land where it does not find populations of armed indians against all the nations human beings, and as well as they are many allowed Deos that were contrary ones of the others, and that it had entrelles great hatred and discords, because if assi was not the portuguezes poderio not to live in the land nor would be possible to conquer so great to be able of people. It had many of these indians for the Coast next to the Captainships, everything at last was full delles when they will start the portuguezes to populate the land; but because the same indians will alevantaro against elles and fazio to them many treies, the governors and captains of the land will destroy them little by little and will kill many delles, others will run away pear the Hinterland, and assi was the coast depopulated of heathen throughout the Captainships. Together dellas will be some indians of these in aldas that they are of peace, and friends of the Portuguese. The language of this heathen all for the Coast he, huma: it lacks of three letters? f is not found in it, nor L, nor R, cousa worthy of astonishment, because assi does not have Faith, nor Law, nor King; in this way lives without Justice and disorderedly.