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The techniques were transmitted by the mothers and grandmothers for its descendants, had thus appeared many related traditions the fabrics, colors and drawings. A tradition of 1800 middle asked for that the young woman made twelve bedspreads before being able to marry, being that the last one would have to use the blocks Double Wedding Ring (two interlaced rings of marriage). Since then much thing happened, but I believe that the one that more affected this market was the invention of schemes of sewing, nowadays we can find you scheme that they practically make of everything also the caseamento of the applications of patchwork. All an industry was created around this art, having produced many tools to facilitate the work of patchwork. It enters the indispensable tools for who works with this are the base of cut and the circular cutter (Introduced in the market in 1979 for the Olfa company whose inventor was Mr. Y. Okada). I have the impression that at certain time patchwork was used to reaproveitar all mainly at the time the remnants that of another form would be discarded, of the resseo of 1929 in U.S.A., and today the contrast is that with the tools mentioned in them we use entire fabric parts we picotamos and them to produce the necessary remnants to the work of patchwork. Nowadays obviously we find many things developed specifically for Patchwork, including weaveeed and specialized magazines. The Patchwork for some is ties considered as a occupational therapy, for others as something viciante and I have seen this here in the store, who never made after only some lessons and ready. But for me as it said in the heading of this article is an art, that for very pretty signal, that has some utility, it is not as those things that only serve to be seen and appreciated as for examples the decorative panels, but also the door panetone of patchwork, the door forms, the catching ones of hot pan, the hen pull-bag, the kits that are called necessaire, the bags and many other things more Marcelo Gameiro Obs. Mine I negotiate is another one –

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