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I am going to arrive behind schedule and I do not communicate you. I am to be in favor of you to one hour, and I do not arrive, I request an excuse either to you My interests are over yours. THE SUBMISSION: I want to go to the cinema, but you want that we remain in house, is well. I like the red color of the blouse, but I buy green for darte the pleasure. In short, they exist a tonic endless number in the relation of pair that would be impossible to enumerate them here, but when entering these games and not to be conscious than it implies, we are depending no longer on our pair, but on these dependencies, controls, indifferences, submissions and in some cases, until aggressions No longer we see the other to construct to the pair in the love but in the dependency. It is important to emphasize, that we do not depend on the pair, but of the bond that we have established That is to say, I depend on the submission to be with my pair. I depend on the blackmail to be able to relate to me to my pair. I depend on the indifference to control even. And I depend on the games that I have established with my loved twin soul . But I believe that is the other, the one that causes to me that I react of tal o cual way. In fact they are my fears and insecurities those that force to me to do it. In this attitude it is probable and possible, that the love to the pair becomes dependency In order to finish, a phrase of reflection of Juan Pablo Buckets: The greater obstacle for the love, it is the secret fear of not being worthy to be loved Pinselo from my point of view, the pair is a project, and like so, it has been time in constructing it. He is subject to passions, encounter and mix-ups. Most important it is to observe us in the form how we were related in this life of a two. Sometimes to platicar with others what it happens to us gives to light and understanding. Yes one feels catched in these games of pair goes a specialist. The psycotherapy always is helpful Cecreto, makes its available, the launching of its E_Book: WHEN THE LOVE IN PAIR BECOMES PAIN. With the acquisition of this material you free have three consultations with the author via electronic mail.

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Location is probably mantra more mentioned in the real estate investment. Nevertheless, when there is to choose between a few units of property, how to choose the purchase of a particular floor as far as the physical and geographic aspects? 5 ADVICE main to help to make a great difference in the income by rent and the value of reventa of its property: – PLACES: 1. The area that more mistresses or the zone that goes in. 2. It is possible to restrict the search to a section, for example, it is possible that it wishes to see if the floor near the park or of the stores. 3. It watches the way in which the floor is and the position of the floor. TO IDENTIFY THE MAIN DEFECTS: Most important, you must feel comfortable while she sees the floor. If he is thus, then he can begin to examine another detail. While he is in the place, to avoid to spend too much time in superficial things, like the works of painting and the garden, that are only smaller problems. You must look for important defects, like the flights of the ceiling, the infestation of thermites, cracks structural throughout the foundations and the obstruction of sewage system. It insists on a good structure, that it includes the disposition of the floor, the number of columns and pillars, as well as the Earth foundation. If there are too many columns, would be very difficult to renew the house. If a breach between the wall and the floor is observed, it is a sign of earthwork, which denotes a structural problem. When inspecting the living room, considers if there is a painting cost in the ceiling. Ceiling usually is painted with emulsion painting. If you see a shining patch, that she could mean that has been a flight and the proprietor can use the luster painting to conceal.

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