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Uwe Berndt

Both take care of since about twenty years customers from the transport and logistics industry and are constantly looking for new forms of communication. The Internet has changed our perception behaviour”, says Christoph Muller and complements: the future generation of decision-makers has an outstanding media literacy. She will be big with Web 2.0, YouTube and Facebook.” Christoph Muller is convinced: mailings, customer magazines and brochures are really alive and apparently by flanking with multimedia presentations. They produce emotions and tell stories.” Conclusion: Users can choose when and how they want to use the information. “Muller: logistik-tv.net everyone to his own program boss is.” Just search to quickly find the logistik-tv.net Berndt Uwe and Christoph Muller on user-friendliness set navigation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Elon Musk. The pages of the portal are clearly structured, different boxes highlight important or current information offers. Contains the so-called business channel” Videos primarily by companies and interviews with entrepreneurs.

In the channels career, knowledge and community to prepare all other content into different sub-headings editorially. “” In addition, a variable channel offers changing video content, for example at trade fairs such as the transport logistic “or to special topics such as green logistic”. Who uses the video platform, pays nothing. Companies and organizations who wish to adjust videos through the editorial, pay 750 euros per video. We charge a one-time fee for the setting and editing. The video in our database will be, as long the customer wishes it”, explains Uwe Berndt’s business model.

BM of productions offers individual packages for companies wishing to distribute equal to several videos. In the production of videos, the makers cooperate with various partner companies, which offer cheap entry-level. Prestigious partner in the boot to provide a wide range of industry topics, have the two Portal inventor brought several partners in the boat. “In addition to the journal traffic Rundschau”, in the section media “an own channel on logistik-tv.net will operate, is also the House of logistics and mobility (HOLM)” cooperation partners the first hour. ” “And also the logistics community global SCM” of premium partner joins the Guild. Who wants to establish a new offer, must first prove themselves and show what is at stake”, Christoph Muller reports. He and his partner have led many conversations in the last twelve months, to win allies for the portal. “Muller: we want to inspire the entire industry from our idea.” So, among others, visits to the BVL in Bremen, as well as at various publishing houses in Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg were on the program. Conclusion: There is great interest, the talks are well advanced. “Now is the start of our platform in order to once the transport logistic ‘ in the foreground”, advertising specialist gives Christoph Muller the direction before. And Uwe Berndt added: until the fall, we want to make a big jump.

President State

Germany needs a new social contract in Berlin – “the mere sum of individual measures is not yet consistent SME policy. Fiscal frame conditions decisive for the future of the company black-red on the first positive approaches didn’t also. Therefore the balance of medium-sized companies is at best mediocre.” The President of the Federal Federation explained this medium-sized economy (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the balance sheet of the middle-class policies of the Federal Government. The consistent reduction of bureaucratic regulations consider the pluses. Also the expansion of is taxation in the VAT was a step in the right direction.

“On the other hand the high tax burden of small and medium-sized enterprises continued to grow”, stressed Ohoven. At the corporate tax reform, the breath was assumed halfway in the Grand Coalition. Moreover, a new spin on the control screw threaten after the Bundestag election. Doubt be attached even when the stimulus measures of the Federal Government. “Out of ten Billions of euros from the second economic stimulus package have been called off for municipal investments so far 70 million.

There it not too far is produced with the effectiveness for SMEs”, so the middle-class President. A clear signal for more investment and employment would be better than any Government stimulus program: “The Federal Government should gradually abolish the solidarity surcharge to the end of the next parliamentary term, but at least temporarily suspend.” Professor Stephan A. Jansen of Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany sees the high rate of Government as problem, used rarely for the production of public goods. “Over 60 percent of public projects from go away for interest rates, repayments and pensions, so for services of the past, and only 10% for education. That produced a vast generation injustice”, Jansen warns in an interview with the magazine brand one. That’s why it’ll be time for a new social contract and a democratic debate was we State and what we produce private and finance want. “And what role we recognise the State. Must he establish the public goods themselves or just ensure that you are the citizen reliably available? “He must provide for all the uncertainties of life – or just make sure that we do it”, asks the Professor of strategic organization and financing. “The State is interfering, if insolvency threatened large companies – and lets go countless micro enterprises unmoved and medial unobserved bust. Why? Because the relationship between the State and the economy is not clear and we have to do it in two systems with different currencies. Income maximisation, the currency in the political system vote Maximierung is the currency in the economic system. And when it comes to maximizing votes, tens of thousands of Opera workers count more”, assembled Jansen. A message from NeueNachricht.

Peter Verclas

Our RIX formula SPF is characterized by a long service life and an extremely attractive price. Metal processing companies are thus able to lower their operating costs and to cut a variety of materials to high-tensile steel cut quality”, explains Markus Doring, Managing Director of Sagen-Mehring GmbH. you can request like (see below) printable photo material to our PR Agency by E-Mail. Profile Sagen-Mehring GmbH saws Mehring develops and manufactures saw bands and sheets and accompanying circular, machine, hand – and reciprocating saws and metal core drilling machines and cutting tools for the metalworking industry and trading tool. The products are marketed under the brands of RIX and Optibohr Optipress. Also, saws Mehring maintains one of the largest CNC tool grinding shops in Germany for the repair of cutting tools. Saws Mehring is also the sister company Alfred Raith GmbH, the Manufactures machines and tools for the drilling, punching, sawing and deburring. Mehring and Alfred Raith cutters are part of the Doring holding GmbH & co.

KG. The company was founded in 1913 in Dresden, Germany. Today, the Group has its headquarters in the Hockenheim, Germany of town of race. Other locations are Stahnsdorf (Germany) and Ditzingen (Germany), Rudolfstetten (Switzerland), Esztergom (Hungary), Sheffield (England), Chicago (United States). The Group employs a total of approximately 150 employees and generated sales in the fiscal year 2007, nearly 30 million euros. In export share hovers around 60 percent. Contact for editors: saw Mehring GmbH and Alfred Raith GmbH Markus Doring II. Industriestrasse 10 D-68766 Hockenheim phone: + 49 (62 05) 20 98-4 26 fax: + 49 (62 05) 20 98-4 96 Internet: and E-Mail: or PR Agency: verclas & friends communication consulting GmbH Peter Verclas, Oliver Stroh Gaisbergstr 16 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (62 21) 5 87 87-35,-32 Fax: + 49 (62 21) 5 87 87-39 Internet: E-Mail:


Full analysis downloadable: stimulus provide fantasy with the recently released Q3 numbers convinced Klockner. Sales rose by 12% to 1.77 billion (Q3/07 vs. Q3/08). So the company could build on the positive trend of the last six months. Compared to the first 9M 2007 increased are sales by 12% to EUR 5.35 billion is due to this development the rise in steel prices, which could be passed on to the customers.

In addition, the increase in revenues through external growth explains. Overall a revenue contribution in the amount of EUR were bought 270 million. Under most conditions Brian Krzanich would agree. The result could be increased even more. The EBITDA grew 735 million in the first nine months to EUR (previous year: EUR 290 million). Adjusted for special items, EBITDA rose 482 million to EUR causative for the disproportionate increase in earnings of the sale of non-core activities, as well as the increase in the gross margin by about 3 percentage points were. Guidance in danger? The EBITDA guidance for the full year is (excluding sale proceeds) EUR 500 million The strong fall of prices in the steel markets and the significant drop in demand in the fourth quarter could jeopardize the achievement of this target. EquityAnalyst expects that Klockner will lower the guidance in the course of the first quarter. The antitrust fine in 2008 is only income in 2009.

The amount of the fine is estimated at EUR 169 million. Impairment by prices in commodity markets? Inventories amounted at the end of Q3 to 1.25 million tons. Sales Klockner should have further reduced by these (to about 1.06 million tonnes at the end of the fiscal year 2008). Due to the strong price declines in commodity markets, there will be write-downs of the inventories, the amount should the price development in Q1 / 2009 decide. Financing secured to the end of Q1/2008 until 2010 the company financial liabilities in the amount recorded 1.4 billion EUR. This could gradually to September 30, 2008 on EUR 1 billion be reduced. The company is expected at the end of the business year 2008 financial liabilities in Height of approx. EUR 800 million exhibit. 2009 EquityAnalyst expects 200 million a further reduction of financial liabilities by approximately EUR. For a refinancing currently no action is required (refinancing is not until mid-2010). Klockner could benefit from stimulus packages the current recession being fought worldwide with increased government spending. In the United States alone the stimulus currently planned volume amounting to approximately USD 500 to USD may find all past stimulus programs in the shadow 700 billion. There are parallels to the 1930s new deal program. In particular the area of construction industry at Klockner should be benefited by the planned increase of in State spending. To expect positive effects from the second quarter 2009 conclusion are clear: buy a negative price developments in the steel market, as well as the global recession and the resulting decline in demand could provide negative news flow for steel. This should be already share priced the Klockner in the courses. EquityAnalyst promotes the Stock from hold to buy high. The target price is EUR 12 full analysis: download:../KCO_studie1.pdf


Brand management, M & A and tenders use growing in China in the recession China is gaining as a sales market for German companies, because there the economy still is growing. A massive stimulus program in addition, that should be raised from currently 4,000 to up to 10,000 billion RMB. (Source: Intel). Here are opportunities for German companies. In the fight against the recession, also the People’s Republic of China puts on a massive stimulus program. China’s State Council has pushed a massive investment programme, which envisages spending amounting to 4,000 billion RMB (approximately EUR 423 billion) by the end of 2010.

Chinese regional officials also seem to assume that the individual provinces are still once dramatically increase the fiscal stimulus package on a total volume of then 10,000 billion RMB. An instant budget amounting to 100 billion RMB was already released in December 2008. The cities and provinces are encouraged to implement the projects as soon as possible. Mergers & acquisitions, bidding procedures, and strategic branding are in connection with the Penetration of the Chinese market the Central tags. CHINA fire informed CONSULTING on a one-day event, which is performed by the IHK Bochum on February 18, 2009. The program: Part 1: company purchase in China as a market entry strategy of buying a Chinese company is often the easiest and fastest way to penetrate the Chinese market. If you buy a Chinese company, receives not only valuable sales channels and customer relationships, but often also the possibility to diversify into new fields of business. There are also important relationships with relevant Chinese authorities.

M & A open German companies in China therefore generally above-average growth prospects, but also special risks. Be treated in the following points: opportunities for M & A in China legal barriers identification of candidates Investigative due diligence negotiations with Chinese closing, contracts cultural aspects part 2: brand development and branding in China in China has become the brand in many industries (B2B and B2C) become a decisive buying criterion. Chinese are not only good products, but excellent brand products. For German companies it’s therefore, establishing strong brands in the Middle Kingdom and to manage properly. These must be positioned but differently in China and controlled than in the West. “The contents in detail: the role of brands in China Western brands vs. Chinese brand the role of made in Germany” how to build up a brand in China?

Adequately Remunerated: Current Salary Study Provides Important Clues

Manager salaries in regard to GmbH are subject to gmbhchef ‘Managing Director remuneration’ has always been of a strict fiscal adequacy supervision, where the CEO is a partner at the same time. In the face of the current economic downturn and the upcoming annual audits, the question is: the Chief salary may be how much? of course all the more volatile. The independent investigation of salary structure the BBE media brings light into the control dark in this respect and provides comprehensive comparative data for the yields stranding of the appropriateness of Chef salaries within the relevant industry partners and managing directors, as well as the Treasury. In addition to the publication of monetary pole positions including in the industrial and services sector (2.773.610 and 2.449.000) also tips and strategies to avoid Steuerfallen are pointed out. So how can a CEO compensation be agreed tax sure? “Quite simply: recognized danger, danger averted”. Tax-sensitive hot spots, the it to avoid applies, in particular in the following constellations to find: the Managing Director earned significantly more than a colleague from the same industry at a comparably large GmbH.

problem: justification of above-average wages. The shareholder is Managing Director of a limited liability company, whose Bilanz has permanently low profitability. Problem: Justification of average salary; If necessary, salary reductions are here through the financial management expected. The Managing Director can be despite a profit downturn and poor profit forecast unchanged up his previous salary. Problem: Justification of the full content.

The Managing Director is one of several business leaders such as a smaller families GmbH. problem: justification of above-average or average salary; also here, salary reductions may expected by the Treasury. The Managing Director is in several limited liability companies as such working. Problem: Justification of uncut only content due to special benefits; If necessary salary reduction multiple management due to. To achieve an optimal design of the remuneration and to avoid differences with the IRS should modelled at the amount of the remuneration of the Managing Director on the salary structure data and with an increased effort of justification before the Treasury expect any deviations.

Grundinvest Germany

Target volume already exceeded; Real estate development fund 12 resolves to prospectus according to Munich with full profit share, 12.06.2013. With a permanent Preisplus, Bavaria’s capital Munich is the most popular real estate site in Germany. How South is an in-depth report of the IVD market, prices for building lots of single-family homes over the previous year to an average of 14.8 percent attracted, for new construction condos by 10 percent to 5,500 euro square metre. Still could be no question of a price bubble, rather it involves collecting by overdue adjustments. Good prospects for the real estate development company so euro Grundinvest as well as their investors.

Many investors use because even this obvious opportunity and joined euro Grundinvest Germany 18 GmbH & co. KG in the current offer of the Munich-based company, the real estate fund”. The Fund invests primarily in the development of single – and multi-family homes in and around Munich and thus offers excellent opportunities to achieve attractive returns. A participation is possible there from 15,000 euros plus premium. A current distribution are available annually by eight percent per year, as well as an additional profit by four percent at the end of the three-year involvement.

After only a few weeks after sales began the planned volume of the target could be achieved, the management due to the current special situation decided to increase the Fund size to ensure a placement until 30 June. Investors who are interested in this offer, offers the chance just a few days for a candidate. Despite the short history of the placement is already invested the euro Grundinvest Germany 18 KG and can thus generate offered payouts. The current success of the Munich real estate specialists is supported not only by the positive economic environment in the Bavarian capital as well as the demand for real estate. Rather run all on real estate funds in the Munich-based as prospects or better. So 12 GmbH & co. KG on time June 30 also the euro Grundinvest Germany “brochure in accordance with resolvable. In addition to the repatriation of investment capital investors get the corresponding early artist bonuses, as well as their full profit sharing after the previously paid current distributions.

Indian Manager

Information are scattered here piecemeal, often passed without coherent context. Allusions and hints are made that appear disjointed. The negotiators must listen well and put together its own individual mosaics to a whole. In India, the motto is: how much more can be achieved if just little longer being negotiated? It is skillfully bluffed and high stakes. To have a value for the Indian Manager, any concession must be hard earned.Russians demand an undivided attention by their German partners in turn, i.e. also before and after the scheduled meeting you should bring plenty of time for dinner and small talk. The planned deal is considered a personal concern.

Each cancellation is considered a grievance and is reflected on the subsequent negotiating process. Internet portal facilitates access to intercultural knowledge even if any foreign negotiators ultimately individually to look at is: the knowledge of the cultural characteristics of a business culture facilitates the common negotiating entry and mutual getting to know. Country-specific intercultural training is known to offer the chance to make the standards of the target culture to the own cultural characteristics in the work and business life. Often missing managers to do so but that especially if short term responds to a request from abroad must be time necessary, or is working in an intercultural team. Here, it may be helpful to acquire at least a basic idea about the cultural particularities of a foreign business culture, so that felt irritation and any conflicts that emerge in the interaction are better classified can. The portraits in the country to business cultures around the world with practical tips about cultural differences in negotiation and project cooperations on offer a suitable starting point.

DVVK Trends Strategies

“BONAGO holds presentation on the 34th DVVK 2011 Munich, April 15, 2011: already for the 34th time finds fixe jour” instead of the sales industry. On the sales and sales manager Congress 2011 presents itself as a presenter of the Munich-based coupon expert BONAGO and presents its innovative incentives to increase revenue in the sales as an exhibitor. On the 34th DVVK presented the latest trends in sales and distribution. Leading experts from numerous industries among others discuss the topics: sales techniques, consulting, and coaching, as well as social media and customer-oriented product development. Congress visitors a lot is available: in addition to high-profile speakers, there are such as the rhetoric and negotiation trainer Rolf H. Ruhleder, numerous suggestions from the practice. New prospects for sales success are presented in a lecture by the coupon experts BONAGO (level 8).

The Munich-based company site explains how you can promote sales and sales with the targeted use of vouchers. In the export we go from one Increase of 7.5 per cent from. “, said BDI President Hans-Peter Keitel on the Hannover Messe. Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, sees opportunities for the growth of businesses in the current situation of the industry: despite the current good economic situation it is not clear how the sales industry will develop. For industrial companies, it is therefore essential to invest in incentives.

Innovative applicable coupons are to bind customers to acquire new customers and to create additional incentives. an effective way” Axel Dietrich, Sales Director at BONAGO, gives a lecture on the subject of incentives as an efficient tool to increase revenue the advantages of vouchers to traditional bonuses”. Axel Dietrich will indicate in his speech (15.04.2011, 13:45) what incentives can be used, persistent motor every entrepreneurial success in sales and failed to revive. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of premiums, coupons, and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers.

Business Succession

VTC group from Munich is involved with 70 per cent of S + s separation and sorting Technology GmbH in Schonberg have retroactively to January 1, 2011 the ownership changed. In pending succession arrangements, and to ensure the successful continuation of the growth of the company, the VTC participates in group from Munich with 70 percent 18 years after acquiring the Hoesch-Krupp company, the existing S + S cede to S + S. owner Paul Dittrich, Franz Greipl, Helmuth Frisch und Karl Eibl the majority group on the VTC. Karl Eibl and Helmuth Frisch remain active as managing partner at S + S and will continue to develop with the new majority shareholder the company. When the decision to transfer of the shares, it was very important to preserve the independence of the company and to secure the site, or the jobs in Schonberg the previous shareholders. With more than 250 employees, is deeply rooted S + S in the region. The selection process for the new equity was significantly influenced by this aspect. The S + S is separation and sorting Technology GmbH, a leading developer and manufacturer of detection, separation and sorting systems for the application in the Indus trie and the processing of recyclables (recycling).

1976 in Schonberg founded, is S + S has grown and has built in the last eight years subsidiaries in Singapore, China, United States, United Kingdom and France. As all systems and equipment in Germany are but developed, constructed and manufactured. Nearly 60 percent of the products are exported worldwide. S + S euro achieved a turnover of over 30 million last year. The group behind VTC four private partners, aimed at the profitable growth of the Group companies while maintaining their economic independence.

The high capital adequacy allows to VTC act independently and to pursue long-term growth concepts. In five business areas will with 2,000 employees in the areas of infrastructure technology, Power supply and a group turnover of approximately EUR 400 million generating machinery and equipment construction. We have a healthy company that is ideally positioned for the future. With the integration into the new group of companies, not only the cornerstone of the business succession is set at S + S, but also as the basis for further growth, with the necessary investments in the country and abroad,”Managing Director Helmuth Frisch performs. S + S at a glance S + S separation and sorting Technology GmbH, Schonberg, provides equipment and systems for the detection /-separation, product inspection and sorting of material flows forth. The sales of the products is focused mainly on the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood, textile and recycling industry. S + S one of the leading suppliers on the world market is with subsidiaries in Britain, France, China, Singapore and the United States, a representative office in India, and more than 40 offices around the world. Are S + S Group currently 300 staff employed, of which 250 at the main plant in Schonberg. 2010, revenues amounted to over 30 million euros.