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Portal supports travellers with valuable information with almost 950 million inhabitants and a surface area of over 30 million square kilometers, Africa is the second largest continent. The tourist potential is considered to be enormous, because the diversity of the flora and fauna of the rain forests, savannas and deserts is immense. Also in culturally there by the pyramids in Egypt up to the relics of the colonial period in West Africa much to discover. The Organization of the World Cup 2010 has the rest of the world shows in South Africa, the most economically advanced country, it is able to host large events and manage large flows of visitors. On of Africa interested can find everything he needs to prepare his trip: visa requirements, air conditioning as well as important phone numbers, such as for example from embassies. When it comes to health is listed, what diseases local typically occur and what vaccine prophylaxis is recommended. Also, who wants to know. What types of outlets there in Ghana or how run the ferries of Tema, the largest port in the country after South Africa and the Ivory Coast, is right there. The TRO-TRO, intra Ghanaian transportation – minibuses, which hold anywhere and at any time, are where passengers to – or want to get off, is described. In addition there are current background information on the political situation, as well as useful information to customs and traditions divided by countries and regions. A well-stocked Photo Gallery gives the traveler first optical impressions. In addition, travel reports give an authentic picture of the situation on the ground reflected. Africa travelers are invited to enter information in this portal to your trip. The Facebook button makes it possible to enable friends directly on the enthusiasm of Africa. In the news section you can get an objective view on the current situation on the ground. Because it lacks critical reports on wars, environmental destruction and famine not. This portal but aims to get the joy of travel the interested in Africa and to enable a comprehensive travel preparation.

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