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The nature tourism offers potential for tourism development in Krefeld-Uerdingen structurally weak regions: the Mecklenburg Lake District invested targeted the infrastructure of the bike paths, to promote the tourism. The most beautiful corners of the Mecklenburg Lake District can be discovered by bike. By car, an endpoint is used in environmentally sensitive places. In the protected areas of the holiday region, the transition on the ecological means of transport is the only way to explore attractions. The wheel travel as a gentle form of short travel, at your own pace and the route itself cannot be determined, gaining popularity with German short holidaymakers. The Mecklenburg Lake District over the past decade has developed to one of the three most popular regional destinations for short breaks. Varied River gradients, sprawling Lake landscapes and idyllic forest areas are the factors of the region. Modern bike paths with well developed tourist infrastructure, budget hotels and restaurants to boat and canoe rental companies, along result in the scenic and cultural highlights of the region, promote the tourism in the segment of the weekend. In developing this infrastructure, the Tourism Association is one of the conditions for the further growth of tourism in the region. In the context of wellness-sport holiday packages, day tours with spa treatments are combined. Relaxing massages and invigorating baths provide the balance of body and soul. Because fresh air stimulates the appetite, short trips are combined with half-board or candle-light-dinner in the evening. The time frame of the extended weekend, decides how much time for sporting activity in the short trip is scheduled. The focus can be placed more on exploring the region or wellness. Low-priced hotels that serve as a starting point for numerous wellness sport tours in the Mecklenburg Lake District, are stored on the Web site of pampering weekend short breaks.

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Press release fans can benefit from the 04.08.2011 by end of August 2011 to April 2012 Asia of a promotion of the Asia of travel specialist travel world Asiamar ID and in the high season special rate after Thailand, Laos and Cambodia travel. More than 500 different travel packages were put together in cooperation with Etihad Airways, one of the world’s best airlines. The starting price for individualists with a 4 nights free & easy hotel offer and flights to Bangkok is 659,-per person in a double room. “The tour operator for all, has an extra bonus that rapidly for a trip from the Asia spectacular” choose program. For all reservations during the period 08.08.2011 to 11.08.2011 and trips that start from the 23.08.11 to 24.09.11, there is EUR 35,-extra discount to the respective travel price per person once again. In addition to Bangkok Phuket, Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Krabi are Khao Lak, tours through North and Central Thailand, as well as combinations of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand and much more in the offers. These can be individually combined and extended. The special trip: A novelty in the program ID travel world is also under special offers. It involves a natural tour of Sukhothai to Chiang Mai in Thailand. Here travellers the rural Thailand, traditional field work, and ecologically sustainable development in addition to the cultural treasures of the region meet and then this special program continues in the original Laos, more precisely in the jungle Royal City of Luang Prabang. The Kingdom of Thailand, where on the Islands or the beaches of the Gulf of Siam or the Indian Ocean can be relaxed closes in again. This two-week, special travel experience costs including long-haul flights per person in a double room from EUR 2.149,-. Be flown can from Frankfurt or Munich, December also from Dusseldorf. Flights in economy class with Etihad Airways, rail & fly rail ticket, German airport and security fees, the current fuel surcharge are included in all trips the each night according to program and high-quality travel documents.

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How you can benefit from the tips of former head of the travel office and save lots of money. Have you ever booked a trip online? Yes? Have you had problems or which offer the price / performance ratio is best for you in order to decide about which agency you want to book? No wonder where can offer to online travel agencies on the Internet you quickly lose track. Clearly, the trend is increasingly to online booking. “Real” travel agencies with personal advice by staff from flesh and blood fall increasingly behind. Personal counselling is replaced by travel agents on the Internet first and foremost through the experiences and impressions, did visitors locally and then publish on relevant websites. Former vacationers of a particular destination write short descriptive articles about the hotel where they spent their holidays and will highlight different characteristics relevant for “Successor”, especially (the food, the cleanliness, the pool, offered entertainment, the friendliness of the staff, rooms, weather,…). Also pictures and even videos can be uploaded on various platforms already, to a person interested in the travel or leisure even more insight into local conditions (Hotel, environment,…) to grant of the destination. A final evaluation of the hotel, usually in the school grading system, as well as a recovery recommendation way of ‘former’ tourists may cause then in many cases, that someone decides for or against the featured hotel. Of course also the employees in “real” travel agencies rely on this possibility, to advise customers and hotels to recommend or advise against. However, travel agents have also the possibility to make a picture of the hotel or the conditions there directly on-site. I mean the employees go directly there, collect your own impressions and these are then incorporated into customer advice can. Of course travel to these employees at very special conditions and at greatly reduced prices. For the destination hotel, there is after all no better advertising, if someone travel convince mediated, direct on the spot of the “virtues” can. This advertising is of course rewarded with appropriate discounts on hotel rates. What would you say if I would tell you now that you exactly at these reduced prices can travel without having to work in a travel agency. You even can, without having to do anything with the travel industry, 50% or more on each trip save totally LEGAL and free! Learn how you can save money immediately at any of your travel here: Insider travel I wish you a nice holiday at a price to you will envy others! 🙂 Christian Kakani email:

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