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Thus, the psychology of education is fully a discipline of psychology, because his approach is routed as this mentioned previously toward psychological processes, because the latter are totally related to the * Cesar Coll, conceptions and current trends in educational psychology, (p. 43) educational scenarios that produce them. So the role not only to speak on approaches generated by the pedagogy or only of educational phenomena related to the classroom.Education has brought with it a holistic vision since he conceived a multidisciplinary balance, for example in the educational process, culture plays a fundamental role, because the principles, values and traditions are elements that mediate in this context because they introduce the subject to the collective in which one acquires practice cognitive that has internalized from his early life and that eventually will be developed in different ways and in different spaces, i.e. education involves not only transformations at the cognitive level, but all practices to include processes of socialization, as it raises in his own words Cesar Coll: and every time there is a kind of social practice that we can identify how educational and everytime we can identify changes in the behaviour of persons associated with the fact that participating in these activitiesThere are the objects of study of the psychology of education, and our obligation is to generate knowledge, models explanatory and intervention instruments to guide, guide and explain these changes. Educational psychology professional is involved in the area of personal, family, organizational, institutional, socio-community and educational in general; with learners, receivers of the educational process, educational agents involved directly or indirectly in this; before this functionality educational psychologist must be able to meet the educational needs of students, professional or vocational assessments, preventive functions, intervention on the improvement of the educational Act, training and family counseling, intervention, socio-educational and research. In the interview to the psychologist in the municipality of candelaria is expressed an attempt because this multidisciplinarity combines, although that work in network is limiting since the directive, teacher and student population is considerable (4000, students, with a total of 5 venues and 125 teachers), still meets the work of promotion and prevention, and carry out clinical intervention.In reality there are psychologists of the education in Colombia there is a nonconformity since profile is formed more from a clinical point of view in such a way that when it comes into action is expected to intervene, I evaluated and a diagnosis, all with the aim of creating an adaptation which makes an attempt to solve the conflict for which teachers, parents, directives are happy with the functionality of the institution, which implies necessarily a psychologist deal of chaos, after this * the psychology of education as a discipline and profession.

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