Technical Effective Management

However, Yes is in your power handle your way of acting inter – act with time, your behavior, your behaviour, what you do (or omit to do) to make the most of every second you have. Time is like a juicy orange that you have in front of you. You can not get more juice than that Orange has inside. Then, what are your options? u if you do nothing, because you regular zero juice! I am sure you know people who know that it is out of your reach manage time and then do nothing, do not give the best of themselves, and that’s their level of productivity, the level of goals and objectives that reach in life: nothing. u can deceive you, believing that you do have the power to get more juice from that Orange has inside: and then tell others that you’ll have a full glass of fresh juice, when the Orange, with the best of luck, you will reach to half a Cup. Also people who say that they will give the gold and the moro but that rarely produce what they said, you know they get what they wanted.

u can choose to work in strategic mode: using the best techniques of expert reamers and appropriate tools, you will then be able to obtain the maximum amount of juice than orange will give. It is, literally, in your hands, because it depends on how you act. One of the best techniques I know to squeeze (why not continue with the analogy, not?) the time that gives you time (go Paradox) is to use the 80/20 rule and the technique of the magnifying glass, along with others such as CA and BP. I’ll tell you more about them in the second part of this article, and you’ll discover how, with a simple and belittled trick that you can implement immediately in your life, you get 80% more than now in any task that you have to comply.