The Following

It worked in its rhythm, that was well more sped up than of the majority of the laborers. They who contracted employed more. People behind job are what more she exists. Proper it is> unemployed per two years and five months. But, this occurs at another time, when not yet if it had become a competent pencil sharpener. Now, it was different! He would not be dismissed one day at least, case the Maguila did not engolisse the excuse that would have to arrange. In any way, the reply to be given to the master of workmanships, when it was sabatinado, it would be for the following day.

Now it did not want more if to annoy with these thoughts. He needed to concentrate itself in what he would come for the front. After all, it was a monday – he consulted the clock: 7 hours and 43 minutes – and it was heading in the one against flow, making the embezzlement of its routine obligations, after to have left house promptly to the 5 hours and 30 minutes, with the objective to fulfill its day habitual. In one day normal, to that hour, it would be in the building in construction, waiting the moment to initiate the works. But, in that morning, the things had run away to the control. Three minutes had been enough, since that it enters in bakery, so that all that running if initiated and an eddy of took it to thoughts to reconsider the routine of the monday and to take those measures, in certain way, irresponsible. It was looking at the TV, while it took its coffee. Suddenly, a news article of great repercussion entered in air, opening the telejornal and the attention arrested it. By the way, not only of it, but of all the people that if found in the bakery.