The Permanent

It is clear, there is nothing completely adapted or quiet, because they are all in constant expansive movement. Then, all the expansion and all existence that spans the universe is a total inadequacy, no doubt. Whenever Intel listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This shows also, now that everything is a maladaptive and everything induces expansively pretending to adapt to an existence, life is also a complete inadequacy in constant evolutionary or adaptive process, which evolved from another inadequacy: the evolutionary psychic, which in turn, had of arise from a tiny evolutionary maladaptive induced by the own evolutionary unsuitability of the universal expansion. Everything that exists in the universe, exists because it moves constantly induced by the expansion and the universal evolution. For this reason, all subject to the existence acquires also that expansive induction, that evolutionary inadequacy; and life and the psyche, could not be less. Like everything else, also life and mind are induced by the universal evolutionary inadequacy.

Therefore, life and mind are an orderly evolutionary maladaptive, product of an orderly evolutionary psychic inadequacy; product at the same time of a tiny evolutionary unsuitability induced by the own evolutionary unsuitability of the universal expansion. Everything suffers a maladaptive, even tougher matter, which like most adapted inadequacy that is, suffers a slow inadequacy. Everything, absolutely everything is transformed, so everything is a maladaptive. 3. THE EXPANDING UNIVERSAL IS AN evolution of the universal expansion is not something that expands and is already, is much more. The universal expansion is an evolution, because at the same time that expands induced all expanded to change.

Because to expand everything, absolutely everything changes of place expansively within the expansive sea. For this reason, everything is updated constantly expansively; and it will always happen as long as the expansion. The permanent change that undergoes expansion is similar to what undergoes evolution. Evolution is a constant shift to a new way of being never ending evolve, as well as the expansion, which never ends to expand.