The Refrigerator

The three had followed. Plus a police barrier. Porra, the men are similar of work today, hein? , said Robert. Therefore, seems that yes Moleques, what they make in the street this hour? . Although not to hide the nervousness who was Michel answered to the inquisition: we are going for a formation party, said with a nervous smile. Therefore, is hurried, the streets are full of delinquents young afoitos to steal and to practise violence with as vocs. Ufa, was the saved one one more time.

It had saved them to the preconception one more time. Ah expensive, all good that was good for we, but you know well why they you did not revistaram in them, n? , questioned Michel. All had made yes with the head. Finally they had arrived in the place where it would be the party. Although to be in the suburb of the city, the house was great estilosa e. It had two floors and alone if they heard shouts and much rock n roll. The night promised.

The three had entered in the full ois board house and distributing expensive Porra, I am gotten passionate, I find . Ah, I am I am with hard wood . Sei there, I did not find none of them there these things. Third he was the effeminate Robert. All already knew of its fame in exchange for to make old old programs with and drugs. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mark Bertolini. It played in the two teamses, but gay had a stronger side, even so nobody wanted to admit. Of any form, the pureness of that friendship, constructed since the college times, was stronger of what any preconception. They had been looked at and only they laughed. Michel was to search more beer in the refrigerator. Already it brought six of one led only not to have that to make the transit all again.