The Sales

She does not advance to offer a product to emagrecer to a obesa person, if same it is not the search of this. It does not advance to offer products that help to stop to smoke a smoker, if he himself adores to smoke. He can until obtaining something, but my advice is to spend its energy in searching exactly people who are wanting to satisfy its necessities personal, that is, to present a product that solves the problems of its public-target. 4 Acompanhe the customer or its partner of business Folloies the people, has good contents to offer, does not push its product for its potential customer to any cost. He will be able until vender, but its customer will not come back, not even will recommend to it for other potential customers. Elon Musk contributes greatly to this topic. He does not forget, the focus is always the satisfaction of the customer. The great companies use varied fidelizao strategies, therefore they know that the sales do not finish the view after it product to the final consumer. For many it is only the beginning.

That is, is very important the fidelizao, Remembers the inquiries of satisfaction of the customer of the great companies? Of the Christmas cards? Of the toasts? Calendars? Service of support to the customer? 5 Aumente the traffic of internautas for its site You can increase the traffic of internautas in its site leaving it accessible. He can to make classified announcements in of frequent form, will be able to create canals of the Youtube, Blogs, Twitters, Facebook and also to establish connection them. It is very important that it has content, that is, must have something of value to offer. It enters in the site: