The Seven Winds

About the producers in this case is not quite out of place to say, firstly, they are on vacation with his family (and maybe with another passion, oh, what they rascals), and secondly, they have a completely different task – to take a column on the paper and rubbing their hands behind their backs film group. What am I doing? Ah yes, the spiteful little bit. Of course, producers do not mess around so openly and strongly watch, that the film had more brutality, corpses and blood, so close to them in spirit and techniques of "lawyers>> have been charming, on the verge of poetic sophistication, kids, unlike their genetically frostbitten "Sixes>> freaks of the human race Yes, imagine, it turns out, according to the authors, the word "chaos>> appeared in the late forties, and not in the 90's. Naturally, the post-war atmosphere – it's all certainly smoky beer with a noise gamom, lacerations vests and fighting, one hundred grams "with the trailer>> in the street tent, dancing, movies captured but the authors of this series, unlike other went beyond the usual set of attributes of post-war life with sheets, flapping in the wind, and added not believe race track, a great novelty and a great achievement for a supernumerary southern town! Apparently, the writers and the director looked at the cloudless childhood film "Courageous people>> Sergei Gurzo in the title role. Yet the biggest achievement of the second part of the show, of course, is an unparalleled amount of captured vehicles, apparently gathered from across the country to this town, even in the capital did not had such an abundance and variety of brands, where to this Muscovites to us hardened in the struggle for survival provincials! A smart "raspberry>>? What is the "raspberry>> what you say, indignant at the audience? This is also a poetic salon "Silver Age>> with the luxurious and charming half-naked girls, playfully shouted at each appearance of the next character in the walls of their charming little house, it's not you herd of heifers on the Leningrad highway! Aesthetics! And so on and so forth I repeat: a small lie engenders strong suspicion, and, perhaps, a famous Russian and Soviet film director is right in saying that soon as a teaching tool to show the horror of war will use the "Saving Private Ryan,>> rather than a simple, unpretentious story with, the Soviet film" The Seven Winds> or go to fight the "old>>? As for the post-war atmosphere, then let modern directors do not illusions about his own ingenuity, for the sum eerie feeling that no one alive today did not look, for example, "The Mirror>> Andrei Tarkovsky or" Cold Summer 53rd>> Alexander Proshkin, not to mention other films in the are also cases of outright "bloopers>> but not so much cynical. And another thing: contemporary Russian directors, unlike the Soviet, unfortunately, do not even know what a "cross-axis>> not to mention other methods of shooting and especially the installation! But more about that later on