The Ugly

Same I already was damaged I vary times (after all always he has that day that we are to the will, and because not). I go to count a fact that occurred with me: – I of t-shirt (of these that people are in house) and pants of moletom Was, well to the will, by chance vi an apartment to vender, I was to ask the price: Sir how much it costs apartment? I do not know, answered the doorman. Mr. does not have nor idea; thus more or less? Not, I do not know, but Mrs. does not have money to pay, is expensive! He leaves feeling excluded me ties there in being able to know the value of some thing, I thought I thought and I arrived at the conclusion that it had reason, I I would not have the money to pay, but it needed to count to me that I did not have money? Needed to exclude it me to have at least an information? Then we do not give information to the poor persons? – We have preconception the ugly people, or with some physical defect? yes, we go to say the truth, at least stops in the same ones! We want pretty people to our side. I was being part of an election for recepcionistas in a company, I know which age the determinative factor? The beauty! I thought then because I am here evaluating profile? He was enough to contract a person to evaluate beauty. They had believed the poet ' ' the ugly ones they forgive that me, but beauty is fundamental' '! For the love of God, a poet phrase was alone was not stops to lead literally! for these and others that many people leave the side studies! The important one is to be pretty now this goes believing this rs. .