Torto Joo

The laborers smile. – He is thus same – Joo – later improvement said. It put the horse in the way them others, always thinking: now he is that I am bogged. Exactly thus he asked for that it it showed to the such Valento to knock down it. The laborers fell in the outburst of laughter, therefore Joo put the saddle with the front stops backwards.

All had thought that it was wild. The young woman observed that it moored the bridas ones in the tail and not in the head. How thing more stranger! They had asked then the Joo: – Friend, you is crazy? – My base is this, answered Joo, but it thought soon: ih! The business today does not give. Twenty cattle tenders and the master had folloied Torto Joo in its old, lean horse, disorganized. So torto how much Joo.

It was the gozao of the laborers. All went thinking about what that went to give. – The animal is that one there – they had said. Joo talked back then: – Who to want boot the horse you are valid me Abrao Saint, Are Jorge,> They are Serafim, boot me it the least in the soil that on is the end here. No Saint helped Joo who was nailed on the back of the horse, without rein, without nothing. Joo if grasped in everything, enlace the legs in the body of the animal and held in everything, also in the tail of the animal that ran unmanageable. He was to stop in a ribanceira of the river. There from above they had fallen Joo, the horse and the ox that the broken neck had because he was very fat person and it fell descontroladamente of an enormous height. The master and the negrada one had soon arrived to follow, had sighted that one ruin, were under of a waterfall.

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