Traditional Social Club

This study originated in Avenida Tnis Clube (ATC) traditional social club in Saint Maria, it made possible where me to carry through this research in its dependences. The importance of the subject is very excellent, therefore according to Dunga (Periodical of the Brasil.14/12/97), ‘ ‘ Would only have to play soccer the child who studied, because there she could be another thing in the life it are of the soccer? is therefore that the clubs until take off the boys or girls of the school, and stimulate this exhibitionism of who already think about an car and clothes before having a place for morar’ ‘. On the other hand Dunga (Periodical of the Brasil.14/12/97), speaks that ‘ ‘ The financial life of a football player can take it the success or to the disaster: it is not enough to be craque, is necessary to be man it are of the field because this is forever ‘ ‘. However those exist that believe that the soccer is an ideological question, as it tells to Cavallero. Soccer is a rite of social inversion, a way of escape, weapon of distraction, vehicle of communication, social phenomenon, expression cultural’ ‘. Douglas Ivester, president of the cocaine? ‘ glue one of the investing greaters world-wide of soccer; ‘ Soccer is the sport of the world, a common denominator who joins beings without importing race or origem’ ‘. In sight of that with the soccer it helps the performance of the children, a learning of long stated period also occurs evidencing moral and ethical values of the citizen. .