Treatment Options

Warts are a persistent and annoying phenomenon that can arise in many areas of the body, especially in the face… Usually they occur on the soles of the feet or fingers, hurt only in a few cases, are considered mostly quite disturbing: warts. They are produced by the infection with human papilloma virus, over tiny injuries to the skin or mucous membranes. Warts are benign growths of the skin. Is scratched a wart you can keep spreading on the skin, as more areas of skin with the virus into contact. Different types of warts most commonly occur the so-called vulgar warts. Recently Ebay sought to clarify these questions. Also known as spiny warts or common warts, wart type forms for the time being rash, hard nodules, which can then verhornen and then multiply on the skin.

Mainly these warts on the feet, hands and fingers appear and are transmitted by smear. Thorn warts and mosaic warts include the Plantar warts and transmitted also by smear. While the mosaic warts on the surface spread out on the soles of the feet or the ball of the toe, grow thorns warts deep inside and are usually individually. This thorn warts grow mostly very extensively in the deep, it can occur severe pain come to the base, when they encounter on the periosteum. Also known as genital warts, also genital or Feuchtwarzen, distinguished brush warts, flat warts, warts and warts of Dell. Treatment of warts In the trade offered different products for the treatment of warts. Spray with the active ingredient of dimethyl ether and propane gas is probably the most famous Wartner wart. Acetocaustin solution includes Mono-chloroacetic acid, Clabin plus solution N contains the active ingredient salicylic acid, just like Warz off solution and as a patch for the treatment of warts, there is extra strong amongst the root death wart patches.

While the active ingredients of a medium penetrate into the skin, there replace the horn cells in layers, so that they After rubbed off are can, put the other preparations on the freezing of warts using an applicator. This method she is killed with a coolant the top layer of the skin, so that the wart with the growing skin grows out and ultimately is rejected. Usually this application but only for superficial warts works. To minimize the risk of infection, should it avoid walking barefoot in swimming pools or saunas and never scrape up already existing warts.