Ukrainian Hoses

In 1950, the company Karcher invented his apparatus for cleaning high pressure and since then has been continuously working on improving this method of cleaning. As one of the leaders in the world for the production of such equipment, the company Karcher provides a wide range of products, a stunning technological literacy and multifaceted areas of use – mobile and stationary high-pressure boiler with or without water heating, with electric motor or internal combustion engine. At the moment, Karcher offers AWD on the Ukrainian market of mini – to class – class. The latter is designed for cleaning in the most convenient conditions and not fighting the most complex pollution. Some models have a brass cylinder heads and valves, stainless steel vypoennye. This equipment makes this technique durable and ensures the highest stability of the pump to aggressive detergents. In addition, such machines can work around the clock.

In our shop equipment Karcher – you can find a large selection of equipment. you can buy – MEMBERS Karcher most susceptible to breakdown of professional equipment – high-pressure hoses. Their replacement is performed within a year of hard work, sometimes more often. There are certainly techniques that greatly extend the life of hoses. Most effective and at the same time, the easiest – it pridelyvanie additional rods which are placed high-pressure hoses. Another way – if he has an AED Winding drum, the shell is marked 'SX . ; Very important safety rules for working with pressure washers is the need to bleed the breaks for lunch or at any other outage.

It is absolutely necessary for normal functioning of any apparatus of high pressure, since unattended idling leads to premature failure of pump seals and fittings on the hoses WA, as well as other troubles. The potential of professional equipment can and should be operate very meaningful. You can look at the situation as an example: if the wash "experienced" car that has some corrosion hole, a jet of high pressure, in most cases this will lead to education through-holes. The owner of this car is definitely not like it. Maximum attention is necessary in cold weather. Then, before the car cover anticorrodant better wash it first hot water (in the chilled state). At low temperatures, the body can spread paint or stains are formed. Experts know that before the sink with hot water, cars must be left in a warm room not in a long time or if time is short, the first to use low temperature water. Professionals in the use of equipment – will be a very interesting fact that we now have the unique ability of so-called non-contact cleaning. It is made with a special nozzle and the conventional means of clearing vehicles. So, already there is no need to scour the body attempts to remove the dirt, this work will make the foam. When it is applied, In three – five minutes everything, even the hard-contamination, separate and all that remains is to finish – peremknuv a spear valve pressure washers wash the foam under high pressure. The result is a perfectly scrubbed car without any scratches and scuffs.