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Body relaxation exercises. For now, we’ll leave the goals concerning literacy as well as reflection. Area knowledge of self and personal autonomy objectives of the Curricular proposal: 1. identify own feelings, emotions, needs, or references, and be capable of call them, expressing them and communicate them to others, identifying and respecting, also those of the other 4. Increasingly more autonomous way, perform simple tasks to solve problems of everyday life and everyday activities.

It increases their self-confidence and initiative. The proposed curriculum contents: Block body and self-image: incidiremos in the exploration of the body itself. Use of the senses: sensations and perceptions. Identification requirements, regulation and control. Identification and expression of feelings, emotions, experiences, themselves and others.

Block activity and everyday life: initiatives and progressive autonomy in carrying out everyday tasks. Skills for interaction and collaboration to establish relations of affection with others. Area knowledge of the environment objectives of the Curricular proposal: 1. relate to others, more balanced and satisfactory, progressively internalized patterns of social behaviour and adjusting their behavior to them. The proposed curriculum contents: Block culture and life in society: fostering their sense of inclusion in their first social membership groups. Encourage interaction with their peers, with the mediation of an adult, using physical and verbal aid in the school context (classroom, recess) and your home. Progressive incorporation of patterns of behaviour. We have to take into account the types of aid (physical, Visual and verbal) as well as enhancers that students will need in carrying out the activities, in order to adequately develop the objectives and proposed contents, and start from the easiest to the most difficult. All with the overall approach of contributing to its development process and their quality of life.