English biogas Association draws WELTEC plant the plant of Fernbrook WELTEC customer has awarded as ‘Best Biodigester of England’ from the English biogas Association bio industry award 2012 in July the UK AD & biogas as England’s best bio-gas plant. The 1.5-megawatt plant near Kettering in Northamptonshire, Central England persuaded the jurors through the efficient operation and the overall concept, which envisages using a biogas plant as Abfallverwertungs attachment. To provide about 3,000 households with electricity, since the year 2010 about 30,000 tons are dug organic waste, manure, and Flotatfette. WELTEC had the bio-gas plant operator Fernbrook bio’ built for it specially with an extraction plant for food, as well as separation. “At Fernbrook bio’ one was delighted with the award: we cooperate with WELTEC BIOPOWER for almost four years and are glad about this partnership, now called best bio-gas plant of England ‘ Gets a dignified and well-deserved recognition”, said Managing Director Shaun cherry after the awards ceremony. “WELTEC has earned it especially, because they not only Premiumanlagen, but also offer an efficient service.” The social commitment of Fernbrook bio’ through school visits and a targeted outreach was explicitly mentioned in the judgment of the jury. A further biogas plant of WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH succeeded in also on the list of nominal discrimination: the 1.3 megawatt biogas plant lower Reule’ in Gnossall in the West Midlands, which uses also the remains of food besides pig manure and corn silage.

The power of this power plant supplies electricity for 2600 households, heats the farm buildings of the operator with the heat and dries digestate produced on agricultural land. “” In addition, the lower Reule was farm’in the categories of best integration of AD into a farming business “and best AD project” nominated. The awards are an incentive to keep betting as proposed by the high quality and efficient technology Lower Saxony since eleven years planned and built. WELTEC BIOPOWER is not least in the UK since the beginnings of the bio-gas plant construction with the part of Vechta and has become again one of the leading equipment manufacturers. We very pleased this award”, Chris Jellett says, salespeople of the English subsidiary company WELTEC UK Ltd. you confirmed the WELTEC concept of the integration of agricultural biogas plant in Abfallverwertungs circulation and reinforces the position of WELTEC BIOGAS POWER GmbH as one of the market leaders in the English market.”