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Month: December 2012 Innocent Program

Many men are under the impression that they are those who cheat on women and that they are too shy and demure to do the same. However, even with these faces of angel, women can be equal and more unfaithful than a man. Moreover, 55% of divorces by infidelity in the country are due to women deceive their partner. And not only that, but that there are cases in which has been known the truth, since women are best to disguise an infidelity that a man. Obviously all these husbands took the disappointment of their lives, since the beautiful and gentle woman you had decided to spend the rest of their lives turned out to be a liar and an infidel. Fortunately, with a program to spy on smartphones, now men can be accounts if his wife has a lover before the situation from getting worse. The program to spy on smartphones has several features that allow you to know if your wife deserves your respect. One of them is access to the list of calls that your wife makes. You will know what number he called and at what time. Similarly, you know what number called your wife and what time. As the program to spy on smartphones also lets you see each name and each number in the phone’s memory, you will know the name of the person who is in contact with your wife. Another advantage of the program to spy on smartphones is that it allows you to read all the text messages of your wife. You’ll know if what you get are orders of his boss, messages from her friends, or words of love of another man. Oh, and no matter if your wife deletes messages, since the program saves you a copy of the messages on a web page. Obviously, this information is protected with a user name and password, so that no one but you has access to it. Another interesting feature of this program is that it allows you to see the exact location of your wife on a map from Google Maps. If he tells you that he is going to the gym or to his mother’s House, you know if it really was to the gym or to his mother’s House. For all the men who are suspicious of the loyalty of his wife, I widely recommend this program. Perhaps what you are It is not easy to digest, but will always be better than live cheated. Did someone than you is keeping secrets? Discover it all with the software more advanced spy mobile phone worldwide SpyBubble. Start trace text messages, call history, the agenda, and the location in just a few minutes after registering. Cell phone spy test the program today.

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Month: December 2012 Infantile Literature

Another interesting detail in the book in study, is the form as Lobato Hunter presents to the children the irrealidades on the history of the counted men, in its memories: ' ' , and I also know that it is in the memories that the men lie more. Who writes memories arranges the things of a skill that the reader is making one high idea of escrevedor' '. (memories of the Emlia, p 12). The author of the book Infantile Literature, adds in its discrso, on the characteristics more element gifts in the workmanships contemporaries: ' ' The ACT TO COUNT becomes each more present and conscientious time in the body of the narrative. In function of the increasing valuation that our time of to the language as essential factor in the formation of the child and the young, literature contemporary has supervalued the act to tell – as the act to create through the word From there the use each bigger time of the metalanguage, with same histories that speak of itself and of its to become. This new aspect of youthful infantile literature/aims at to take the readers entirely to discover that the literary invention is a process of verbal construction, dependent of the decision of escritor' '. (Infantile literature, p 153). In the book Memories of the Emlia, the author works inside of this perspective, the measure that takes in them to reflect on the language ultilizando the proper language. It is a rich text in metalanguage. Soon at the beginning of its narrative, he has a sufficiently dynamic conflict that convokes in them to think concerning the mysteries and effect that the words cause, when they are chosen pensadamente they establish good relation with excessively. The doll does not want to write any word, but it desires to captivate its reader by means of the good job of the vocbulos and expressions.

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Month: December 2012 Literal Appropriations

* Citation: To cite is to transcribe, literally the words of another one. This occurs when we want, in a opinativo text, for example, to comment, to disagree or or to endorse the idea of another person. When citing a text is necessary to detach it of some form (with quotations marks, for example) is to indicate the reference (the source of the text). * Parody: It consists of the appropriation of a text and the creation of a new, that it inverts the direction of the original. In music the parody, generally, possesss the direction to scoff, to criticize, to offend, to amuse, etc. *Parfrase: When paraphrase of a text becomes does not create a new direction. In contrast, the paraphrase must keep as much as possible, the directions of the original text. In the daily life and the school, we use, many times, the paraphrase. It occurs when we count the plot of a film for somebody, when we repeat an explanation of the professor or when we summarize a text any.

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