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Month: June 2019 The Family

But the desserts aindahaviam, and were the same battle. In the end, of this wild slap-up meal, they had perceived, for milagretalvez, that everything that it wanted was recognition, and had not saved noselogios and in ' ' obrigadas' ' , thing that stops the husband was well more difficult, therefore it noparava to think about the expense that ' ' doida' ' it had made with ' ' frightful jantar' '. It in turn revealed happy and carried through agradecendoaos compliments of the family. After the supper had gone up all to sleep and to wait that apossibilidade of Neuza to have been insane person was alone a dream, that in the seguintetudo day came back to the normal one. Already in its room, Neuza dressed its better lingerie and had as husband a pretty night of love, as it has years did not have. Passed two days, its neighbor xereta, found stranger afalta of movement in the house and decided polices to call it, that as soon as nacasa entered, discovered the family deceased, probably poisoned. Neuza had a little thirty years more than, was married and tinhatrs pretty children, at least it found. Since the moment where if she married or better, they had before married it, temdedicado each minute of its life its family, taking care of to each order ounecessidade of them exactly of being made. Roupinhas washed and passing, casinhalimpinha and arrumadinha, when all were, in the battle. All the nights waited it supper, its pretty famliacom comidinhas quentinhas prepared with love, and ace Sazon times entered in the stop. To the sundays, it caprichava and the dessert was pie of morangoem folhada mass. But every day he was same ladainha: – Where he is aquelablusinha, azulzinha? – Cad my yellow necktie? – Already it dried to my tennis Queen? – Manh, I do not want this sopinha! They changed the objetosreclamados ones, but always they had others to be charged.

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