Anders Breivik

The vision of the world of Anders Breivik, the assassin of 85 young people in the island of Utoya, is based according to multiple indications on islamofobia and racism. Channel TV2 of Bergen last night assured to have police confirmation of which Breivik is the author of a manifesto of 1,500 pages published in Internet, with pseudnimo Andrew Berwik, shortly before the explosion of the pump that Friday killed in Oslo to seven people. According to TV2, Breivik she is also author of a video of 12 minutes already retired of the vestibule in which it illustrates the history of the templarios and denounces a supposed invasion of Europe on the part of Muslim believers. The police of the capital Norwegian refused yesterday to comment if the mamotreto presumably written by Breivik and titleholder 2082, a declaration of European independence were one of the tests found by the agents during its registry of the farm of the prisoner. The reporters of TV2 consulted by this newspaper maintained thus this dawn to it. Source of the news: : The author of the massacre of describes it to Norway as " atrocious but necesaria".