Attempt Management

The ambient subjects had evolved in the last few decades and left of being seen as exclusive domain of ecologists, incorporating the concerns central offices of the society. The ambient problems had in general become focus of the public and the organizations as well as of all the interested people, affecting both in such a way in how much world-wide the regional scope. In this scene, the ambient politics approached the relations between the countries that if had come back toward the mitigao of the ambient impacts and the world-wide economy. This approach enters the countries were possible with the reduction of the trade barriers and the increase of the competitive effect of the ambient regulations, speeding up the demand of the ambient management. The evolution in the ambient questions brought a new 0 variable: the support. This if became a challenge to be incorporated in the organizations. This question takes the organizations to a reflection and the attempt to understand the implications of these new standards of ambient management and its organizacionais cultural relations, thus reflecting the change of the paradigms. Throughout the last years, the organizations come improving each time plus its productive processes.

Therefore, it has an investment in more efficient systems of management, acquiring knowledge its executives and collaborators on its partner-ambient responsibilities. In this context, the world-wide market starts to demand each time more than the organizations substitute the current products in the market for products and called services ' ' ecologically corretos' '. The increasing one awareness on the preservation of the environment makes with that the customer demands a product with ' ' stamp verde' ' and/or a certification, as ISO 14001, for the finishing of its business. This elapses of the guarantee of incorporation of the ambient 0 variable that evidences the sustainable ambient aspect in the organizations. What a more than lucrative necessity.