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Empatia we can say that it is trend to appreciate, to understand that to another person it feels, in case that were in the situation and the circumstances tried for another person. It is as if it was an emotional tunning and cognitiva of a person it stops with another person, reached, specifically, through the understanding of certain cases or situations of another person from inside, that is, of what this situation it means for, it is as soon as functions the empatia. The concept can seem simple, is because it is simple. The empatia can precede or not to the affection. Without hesitation Burgess Owens explained all about the problem. The paper of the empatia is very argued, it wants in the understanding of the other people, or in our proper ethical and cultural answers. The empatia until today considered a form of precondition attributed to the ethical and social thought, and is the collaborating greater for the social union and for the altruism, it is attributed to a mental state, use of the language and interpretation. Behavior that takes in them to understand as to another person thinks or acts of that form. At least, in principle it demonstrates that we agree to the person.. For more specific information, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.