The 9 Austrian State Championship of the House was part of the Innviertler Beer Festival from 8 to 9 June 2012 and the 9 Austrian State Championship of home and small breweries in St. Peter found small breweries in St. Peter/Hart bei Braunau am Inn instead of within the framework of the Innviertler Beer Festival from 8 to 9 June 2012 / hard place in in Braunau am Inn. 267 beers from 74 breweries from all 9 provinces were evaluated by an expert jury of diploma Biersommeliers, brewers and trained tasters. The State Championship of the House and Brewery has received also this year again very good encouragement. Every brewery in Austria was allowed to participate as long as their Sud volume does not exceed 50 hl. 74 breweries from all nine provinces, of which 46 homebrewers and 28 small brewers, took the competition part. Total 267 beers were submitted: 156 at the home brewers and 111 at the small brewers.

Tasted was assessed by an expert jury of diploma Biersommeliers, brewers and trained tasters. 6 jurors sat in each single jury. In total there were about 40 different judges involved. Organizer was the BierIG, the largest beer Consumer Association of in Austria. In total, 11 medals vouch for the high quality of the cuisine from the range. In the class of small breweries beers in 9 categories were evaluated: PILS light lagers and Munich light lagers dark Vienna lagers, export and Festival ales Bockbiere untergarig wheat and rye beers stout/Porter classic beer specialties creative beers from six microbreweries the range could in total 11 of 27 coveted awards to take home: brewery Garcia: Gold & silver for Hermann, bronze for Ludwig Brauhaus Gusswerk: Silver for triple AAA, bronze for Black Sheep and Bavarian monastery dark (for the fourth time in a row 3 awards) hand brewery Gerhard Forstner: gold for Boniface, bronze for the lucky ginger ale Tavern brewery Haselbock: gold for the Haselbrau summer Bock k brewery: Silver for the stuff Pearl Buck Tavern brewery of Langenlois: Silver for the Fiakerbrau wheat Alois Gratzer (brewery Gratzer) statement: “in the last two years we have not participated in the State Championship, because we had organized themselves.

We very pleased that we again there could pick up after this conditional break where we stopped that with a first, second, and third place!” Statement Reinhold Barta (Brauhaus Gusswerk): “we did the triple already for the fourth time in a row and received three titles. We are tremendously pleased! It is also a beautiful proof of our goal, BREW, exciting consumers and delicious beers for us.” Statement Paul Haselbock (Tavern brewery Haselbock): “for us was this title after 2006 and again in 2009 a beautiful confirmation of clean and well-done work. Haselbrau was good in the last few years again and again for Stockerlplatze! The summer Bock was a specially brewed for the State Championship in small quantities, so there are even more residual amounts of it. This recipe for the will of course coming Christmas Bock a brewed and then becoming the State Champion buck. So still all benefit from this award-winning beer come!”