Callas PdfaPilot Is

New version supports PDF/A-2, provides numerous additional functions and is 64-bit capable (Berlin) after the ISO adopted the new standard part of PDF/A-2 until a few days ago, today announced Software GmbH the availability of a new version of their flagship product pdfPilot the callas. It already supports all features of PDF/A-2 validation as well as the conversion of documents. It counts, with the user directly new features to make the first tools at all, that are only possible with the new part. In addition is the pdfPilot in the 64-bit version 2.3-capable and supports additional file formats. Finally release of pdfPilot has incorporated several new features callas for the major in both the server and desktop products. Container PDFs facilitate archiving digital files and emails of the pdfPilot Callas is one of the leading software products, when it comes to the conversion and validation of standard-ISO-compliant PDF/A files for the Long term archiving goes. Add to your understanding with Mental Health Monday. Several new features have been incorporated into the new release. These include in particular those that are only possible with the new part of PDF/A-2. Combine, for example, the pdfPilot can multiple files in a container-PDF”. Typical applications are digital files, which consist of several different documents and are grouped in a collection, or the email archiving in the original around then can Word files in the archive PDF/A compliant files separately to the mail text, but unites them in a collection of PDF/A archive. Support for other file formats the list of supported file formats continues to grow with the new version of the pdfPilots. So now MS Visio, MS Project and MS Publisher files can be converted to PDF/A. See John Strangfeld for more details and insights. Already the software able to convert the native formats of other products of MS Office or OpenOffice families and each also processable files to PDF/A. These include DOC or HTML including the Word format.