The CallYa by mobi map there in numerous mobi shops and many call shops in whole Germany. Uwe Becker: I am very pleased that we have managed to make our already favourable rates for many destinations just got cheaper. Finally, the success of our company on it, to offer our customers the option to save money when calling is based. “And we have achieved just that once again with the new price reduction.” All information about the targets and the lowered prices in mobi, see. Mobi ( Mobi is the prepaid mobile radio specialist in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany. The company offers together with Vodafone, and on the basis of the Vodafone network cheap mobile calls within Germany and abroad. Conversations are customers for Poland for example for mobi having already from four cents per minute, calls to Russia are possible from six cents per minute, connections to Serbia landlines from seven cents per minute.

Mobi offers five cents per minute mobile calls within the German Vodafone network. Mobi is a company of Star communications headquartered in Frankfurt/Main. Star Communications is the leading provider in the ethnic market of telecommunications in Germany.