Catholic Kings Plaza

Located in the northern part of the island of Tenerife, Loro Parque presents itself as the must of the Canary Islands. Those who make a hotel reservation in Tenerife you know it: can not go on the island without having visited this park, which is a true holiday classic. Loro Parque inhabit some of the animals’s most famous and beloved of Spain, such as the White Tiger Prince and his companion Saba. Prince is one of the few Tigers white in captivity in the world, while Saba shows the characteristic pelage swaths of these stunning cats. Both were trained from a young age to participate in film shootings and circus shows, until, fortunately, his owner decided to donate to Loro Parque. And they now enjoy a placid existence in a space specially conditioned for them, where there is a lake where you can take placentros baths there.

Loro Parque chimpanzees also have a special history. All were rescued from the hands of Street photographers who dress to make them pose with the tourists. And they changed a life of slavery by a habitat that reproduces the conditions of their areas of origin, surrounded by the love of caregivers and visitors to the Park. Twenty-two and a half million litres of seawater filled swimming pools that inhabit the orcas of Loro Parque. The cetaceans imposing debuted in 2006, and have become since then one of the major attractions of the Park. Loro Park boasts the most advanced facilities in the world for breeding and conservation of this majestic species, as well as the most important show of orcas in the world. And certainly the most successful.

The arrival of mammals in the Park must certainly have contributed to raise the amount of tourist bookings on the island: in only 4 years, 4 million people have visited the Aquarium’s orcas and enjoyed his show. For those who are about to make your hotel reservation in Tenerife and want to visit the Park, it is useful to know which Loro Parque has a free transport service in your free train express. The same side facing the Park daily, every 20 minutes, from the Catholic Kings Plaza. Equally, who make a booking online for the first time may not know it, but Tenerife everywhere is going to Loro Parque, and traffic signals clearly indicate how to find from any point on the island. There is no excuse to miss this classic so special that it will delight children and adults alike.