That it provides the tobacco to you. That economic benefits of health and will bring stopping to you smoking. As you think that you can stop smoking. It remembers: You are not unique that undergoes the consequences of the tobacco, all that surround to you, are harmed although they are not active smokers. (You do not believe that it beams only by you) We begin: If you are of that they begin the day smoking, you will have to know that first cigarette is the triggering factor so that to mid-morning, the body and so on requests another one to you during the day. We will begin cutting with that maanero cigarette. Eliminating it, we will eliminate also the custom that until now we had to begin the day with poison in the body. For it we will need to relax with other things: Llvate a book.

You see in public transport, (they will not allow you there to smoke)? It tries to make deep breathings from in the morning for relajarte, that way you would calm the anxiety of that first cigarette. It buys your favorite caramels: During the first days, concdete the whim of comprarte your favorite caramels, always takes a puadito in the pocket, and commits one immediately whenever it desires a cigarette to you, while you eat it to you, ponte to do something different for olvidarte. The first week, is advisable approximately to reduce the tobacco consumption in a 33%, that is to say, that if we smoked 10 daily cigarettes, to happen to smoke approximately 7. (The cigarettes in the morning and at night are those that we must cut the first week radically) the second week, he is advisable to lower another little, if at the moment we smoked 7 cigarettes, to more happen to smoke 4 or 5 daily cigarettes. Little by little, we go accustoming to our body to that it does not need as much nicotine.