Computer Technology

The new technologies if present as a social phenomenon that, under the prism of a new period of training, promotes in the individual a certain necessity to learn. It is intended, still, to observe the results of a set of action, in the context of the pertaining to school education, that if characterized for the insertion of the computer as tool of acquisition of the reading. About a general way, one is here, of a contribution for the briefing of the relation: reading of a text printed matter versus reading of an electronic text. The Research consisted with the reading of the Book digitalizado and read Red Small hat in the screen of the computer between November of 2010 and January of 2011. Qualitative study whose adopted method was the study with a group of pupils and instruments of collection: questionnaires, evaluations, daily of field and focal interview. The analysis of the results disclosed that the pupils had interest in giving continuity to this model of readings.

The school used the didactic book printed matter, little motivador, concluding that this innovation in the reading was little known. The Scanneado Book was efficient, therefore it motivated the pupils if to involve and to learn exercising the autonomy, resulting in satisfaction and pleasure in reading. INTRODUCTION Throughout twenty and five years of teaching in the basic education, could if it observes for repeated times, that the treatment conferred to the children guideline for one given necessity to become them adult in miniatura1. They know everything very early, to the step who lose the interest with easiness. During this professional trajectory, I have observed, still, that the changes between generations if verify in more forceful way in the scope of the pertaining to school life. In the school, they come if becoming evidentes more, between the pupils, a massificao of problems of learning of the most different shades.