District Kerch Kerch

Kerch enough to crowded, extremely large (spreading) and not like anything the Crimean city of hunky. And this just an excellent opportunity for trailering – are readily available 4 (!) Different sea waters: the Black Sea, Kerch Strait, Azov, Sivash and ten curative lakes. And everywhere the different salinity and water temperature, and most importantly – their own special fish. Chain of hills everywhere limit the horizon, so that after passing a couple of kilometers, you find yourself in lost world. But when you get to 'pocket' beach – all the earthly paradise is personally yours! Audience.

People come here primarily to relatives, so that there was little gap between the newcomers and the local has never been. And of course, bliss (if you pick and shovel work in the heat is permissible so call it) many archaeologists. Up to two dozen expeditions run in the season, including scuba diving in search of sunken treasure. The most-most. 26 centuries The local back Bosporus kingdom was, in ancient standards, quite big and strong state. Its treasures on display now in the Hermitage and the British Museum. But in the Kerch and his district to show the tourists next to nothing equipped.

Only a small exhibition of Imperial mound, but part of the excavations on Mount Mithridates, which was the capital – Panticapaeum. A small museum provides some insight into the history of this area, but dozens of unique archaeological sites to the public remain unknown. But the church in the city center in excellent condition, and in fact John the Baptist church built in the VIII century, he is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe. ditional related pages. In general, Christianity penetrated into the Crimea almost immediately after its occurrence. It is possible that the Apostle Andrew in his preaching mission to the Caucasus and Scythia been here, and so perhaps there were people here, who heard and knew Jesus of Nazareth. Yeni-Kale Fortress (New Castle) was built by the Turks on the shores of the Kerch Strait, in its narrowest place. Construction of the fortress was going for a long time and was completed only in 1703. Led them to the French engineers. With the dramatic pages stories of the Great Patriotic War Museum of the History of Defence introduced Adzhimushkay quarries, art gallery, the Museum of Eltigen landing. Celebrities. According to the Homer and other ancient authors, on the banks of the Cimmerian Bosporus (Kerch Strait) was born hero of the Trojan War, Achilles. In honor of his local fans of the ancient valor of Achilles spend Games. Home mountain, rising Kerch bears the name of the Pontic king Mithridates VI Eupator (132-63 years. BC. Oe.) owned the countries on both shores of the Black Sea and seriously opposed to Roman rule. On this mountain, besieged by enemies, he took poison. But before many years, he, fearing poison, took a little different poisons, so that death does not come, and then the king ordered the chief bodyguard to stab him. Cicero, after learning of the death of Mithridates VI, called him 'the greatest of rulers, with which Rome waged war ever. "