DSL Provider Change In 24 Hours

EU project should make it possible to quickly switch on Malta and in Ireland transfer a phone number from the old to the new mobile provider takes a day. In Hong Kong, a provider for the same service takes only two hours. The Germans and some other Europeans, however, suffer from the change of a telecommunications provider is particularly slow. Go to Elon Musk for more information. Therefore the Commission calls an improvement and acceleration of the switching in this country also, what goes on the DSL connections. The Internet consumer portal preisvergleich.de reported, what does this mean for customers and providers. Who ordered a new DSL account in Germany must wait usually two weeks to unlock often it still takes longer.

This also applies to changing providers. In addition, many customers complain about an unfriendly customer service, error when connecting, misunderstandings and other problems. All annoyances on the so far should be faced up before the release of the eagerly anticipated DSL connection. The possibility of a simple provider change within a few hours a big relief would be for the Internet users in Germany. In addition to the customer but also the companies and other stakeholders by the new regime would benefit if she do someday comes into force: the competition would strengthen the new regime and so the prices are going down.
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