DTP Financial

The Russian chart of accounts is an example. Based on translations of tax and financial documents for various customers, mostly German and European companies with locations and facilities in Russia and other CIS countries, the translator of Tomarenko specialist translations have + DTP creates a series of glossaries, that reflect different aspects of Russian accounting and bookkeeping. As a bilingual includes sample chart of accounts, but also lists and tables of terms (Russian german) and abbreviations were in the course of translation and interpreting orders worked out as a result of extensive research, served as reference material where different sources of information. These included not only dictionaries, relevant Web sites, Russian literature about tax law, accounting and controlling, but also many Russian accounting standards and their interpretation in the German literature, such as detailed comments in the book accounting in Russia. Assets – financial – revenue systems, properly assess”(Gabler) by Tatiana ion ANOVA and Andre Scholz. As an important source for the Russian English translations the book by Galina G.

Preobragenskaya and Robert W. McGee accounting and financial system reform in Eastern Europe and Asia is has”useful, proven. The excerpt from the terminology database or a small glossary of the topic types of accounts in the Russian accounting allows insight into the result of this work. Soon the translation agency plans other glossaries on other topics such as PET bottle production on the site by Tomarenko specialist translations + DTP for translators and professionals dealing with the Russian, German and English translations, to make accessible. Translation agency hopes new contacts in the community of translators and the synergies through shared knowledge, the feedback and new projects, the experience will be advantage made.