Economic Affairs

In terms of their opportunities as it is the largest creditor that has the United States.UU, this indicates that you have all the opportunities of development in any area. China may be a key factor in the peace agreements between those countries that have conflicts for their great global economic influence to achieve commercially entering countries in conflicts. Development of better tools to further promote the development of markings on their products so that they can venture more globally. Other companies continue to invest in the country as this is of greater population and low cost of labor. Threats that can present the diplomatic volatility which might constitute Korea and Taiwan because the US interests involve.UU also the above Chinese population is an issue that threatens, because it should not be easy to feed nearly 2 billion Chinese, demand for energy and food is abysmal. The us.UU sometime try to meddle in political and Economic Affairs from China, if does not exist at the present time a rivalry, because then it is possible to have it in a short time since China has taken much care of anyone to interfere in its internal affairs. The biggest strength of China China is the to such an extent that U.S. global manufacturing centre.UU is its largest creditor financial, Japan works 24 hours a day to satisfy Chinese demand, Europe has large investments in this country, to mention some Nestle, Nokia, Unilever, Philips, BP, Fiat, HO & Q, Makro, Volkswagen etc., and as if this weren’t enough, it is a country developed in all its air with a culture of ancient roots.

Source: with the above said, it becomes something complicated to offer suggestions that will contribute to the improvement of the overall environment Chinese by having the extraordinary capabilities of creativity, innovation, face and out of conflicts, in that country, however, be suggested: those companies that do not offer added value to the country should seek help in professional strategic advice through business consulting firms that help them to better develop the positioning of its brands of products. It is difficult to combat the administrative bureaucracy and even more when in China there is a tradition of nearly 2200 years with that bad Praxis, however it is suggested to give best efforts in continuing to fight to prevent it. Venezuela provides great opportunity for international cooperation between the two countries using the arrangements and agreements in areas of petrochemical, gas and Venezuelan companies needing to expand their products to the Chinese market.