Environmental Education

It is characterized as one practical capable one to offer to the professionals a chance to search academic-scientific advising next to the institutions of Superior Education, favoring the practical one of creative and innovative educational experiences, beyond searching to offer to the best conditions for the construction of the knowledge and formation human being. By means of the comments carried through during this beginning of year, we could in them convince that our respective pupils and its responsible ones, had not yet developed one real awareness regarding the ambient problems, problems these that are part of the daily one of each one and in extension, its families that it composes the local community. We still recognize, that they possess practical of collection and separation of the reciclvel garbage, being a form of subsistence, since many parents live of this activity, however without possessing the conscience of the consumption exaggerated for the society or of the impact caused for the accumulation of garbage in the environment. In the search of instrumentalizar intent permanent actions in such a way favoring the development of the construction of the knowledge logical-mathematician how much to the formation human being for the promotion of the life through sustainable actions, we considered through the project to focar in initiatives to develop the understanding and interpretation of the world. For in such a way, we will use the Mathematical Education to subsidize the work as soon as, allowing the knowledge has felt in situations that the pupils if consider to decide for improvement of the partner-ambient questions.