EPI Lux SPA Bruchsal Horn

Smooth skin for almost all skin types thanks to IPL technology thanks to permanent hair removal SPA Bruchsal Horn with the EPI Lux system of the renowned manufacturer of Danycare include plucking, shaving and epilation of the past, and also the laser has served out. Who now will decide the permanent hair removal in the Horn SPA in Bruchsal, can rid a relaxed unwanted body hair over the winter until the next outdoor season. Now is exactly the right time to start SPA Bruchsal with a permanent hair removal in the Horn. Because the human hair grows in cycles. The IPL treatment with Expilux affects only the hair that are in growth phase, called anagen. Because not all hair at the same time are located in the same growth phase, multiple treatments requires 4 to 8, depending on the hair and skin, as well as to the enthaarender region of the body about.

The treatment takes place in several individual sessions at a distance of 6 to 10 weeks. After the treatment, you should not direct sunlight the areas anyway suspend, so it makes sense to carry out the treatment over the winter. Until next spring, it is then exempt from pesky hair. The EPI Lux system SPA Bruchsal Horn has several programs, which are almost all hair and skin types treat. The greater the contrast between hair and skin color, the end result is better, because dark hair absorb more light than the skin, by which they are surrounded. Visible light is converted into heat by the so called Photothermolysis. At a wavelength of 750nm to 900nm, disintegrate the proteins in the treated cells and become unusable. The hair can no longer be supplied with nutrients and no longer grow the skin remains smooth. At the beginning of treatment point to depilatory is shaved first, then a light guiding money is applied to ensure an optimal light transmission.