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At this moment it has that to perceive itself as the ethics of the privacy with the other ethics. Let us examine the case of the euthanasia. The accepted code for the National Advice of condemns it to Medicine. However, we know that it enters medical and patient it can exist lends confidence already in privacy level. Let us imagine that the patient wants to get rid itself of a picture of insuportvel pain. Clearly that the doctor will be passvel of punishment on the part of its organized colleagues, on the part of the State. Not obstante, he can yourself be asked: exists moral criterion summons to judge the action? Let us imagine the inverse one. A pentecostal that, esvaindo itself in blood, entreem one Ready Socorro.Recusando the wounded to the transfusion, what it must the doctor make? You make to sign it a responsibility term? This measure, with effect will exempt, it of the legal implications, but and of the moral? It fulfilled the doctor with the oath of Hipocrates? The sick person would be in conditions to make responsible for the proper death? if it arrived unconscious or was its friend? Particularly, I believe that doctor must make the transfusion to the force.

In the truth, what if it tries with these examples is to demonstrate the importance of the ethics of the privacy, which is not the only nor bedding for excessively, however a tool rack important to understand the dynamics of the public and particular moral in the society. Reasonable he is that nor let us come back to the time I publish where it oppressed the private life, nor to leave that the private life I publish tiranize it. With effect, many forms of morality exist, each social or professional group has its identity assured for norms waked up between itself whose infraction provokes, in synthesis, laugh, censorship, or even though exclusion of the group. These norms search the respect basically lend possible. It remains to know if in the times of today, palco of a possessive individualism, where the ethics of the profit exclude from the fraternity 8, where the rules of Christ and the Capital if repel, still they are valid principles of respeitador mutualismo. Desired for a moral, perhaps in crisis, where the reverse speeds private are always mine and the reverse speeds it publishes submits itself, what she would provoke, in the men of good, the pain of the disenchantment and the uncertainty of the future.